The automatic climbing system climbs as one unit and is crane-independent.

MAC automatic climbing system

The automatic climbing system MAC offers safety within the system. It climbs hydraulically as a unit and is ­crane-independent.

Product characteristics

  • Crane-independent 

    • Guarantees speed and efficiency, especially at great heights

    • Crane is available for other tasks

  • Climbing process

    • Tried-and-tested technology; improved efficiency; shorter construction time

  • High degree of safety

    • ​​​​​​​Safe access thanks to integrated platforms and ladders

  • High-performance hydraulic system of the MAC automatic climbing system allows a stroke of 4.5 metres (20 t per cylinder)

    • The 4.5 m lifting process takes only about 60 minutes

    • Climbs as a single unit

  • Cost-efficient, as the formwork can be moved quickly as a single unit

  • Flexibly adaptable due to modular system

  • Just one day needs to be planned in for stripping, climbing and setting up the formwork. Depending on the duration of the boxout work, four days per cycle have already been achieved on numerous occasions.

  • Additional trailing platforms for other tasks can make the use of an additional access system superfluous. 

  • Completely covered and closed working platform

    • Protection against the effects of weather as well as comfortable working conditions, screening to block the outside view and also provide privacy protection

    • Construction schedule independent of the weather

    • Enables work to be performed independently on wall and slab

  • All-in-one-solution

    • MAC in conjunction with MGS-H for optimum safety and ­efficient construction process

Technical illustration of the MAC self-climbing climbing system

Automatic climbing at great heights

Self-climbing, safe, quick, precise

The MAC automatic climbing system (MEVA Automatic Climbing) is the preferred solution for very tall buildings and when the strictest ­requirements are placed on safety. Together with the wall formwork, the MAC climbs as a fully enclosed unit without the use of a crane and thus ensures a ­maximum of work safety. The MAC has proven its worth during a great many high-rise construction projects such as the two highest office buildings in ­Switzerland, the Roche Tower buildings 1 and 2; the tallest building on the Indian ­subcontinent, the Palais Royale in Mumbai; or the One World Hotel in ­Singapore.

Safety, precision and speed
MAC combines safety and speed with precision. The complete unit can be raised by 4.5 m in only about 60 minutes and can be performed by small teams. In addition, the high-performance hydraulic system is protected by non-return valves in every cylinder.

Large parts of the MAC system can be preassembled upon request so that assembly at the construction site can be completed rapidly and efficiently.

Platform 1 
provides a comfortable working area and sufficient storage space. In addition, the platform allows concrete placing booms to be integrated.

Hydraulic unit of the MAC automatic climbing system.

The fully enclosed, automatic hydraulic ­climbing system can be operated easily and quickly by small teams.

The trailing platform of the MAC climbing system.

The bearing pockets are removed from the trailing platform and reused during the next climbing stage. This reduces the material costs, as no lost build-in parts are left over in the concrete.

The top area at MAC is free on climbing masts.

The top deck of the MAC is free of jacking masts, thus ensuring an optimum level of safety, a minimum risk of accidents and more storage space.

The suspended formwork can be moved in three directions thanks to the 3-way adjustment.

The 3-way adjustment allows for utmost precision. The suspended formwork can be moved and adjusted manually in three directions and can thus be quickly and easily adapted to suit the geometry of the building.

Quick and easy opening of the formwork is possible due to the suspended elements.

The wall formwork panels are suspended, can be moved back manually, and allow the formwork to be opened quickly and easily.

The MAC climbing system climbs hydraulically and crane-independently.

High-performance hydraulic system of the MAC automatic climbing system allows a stroke of 4.5 metres (20 t per cylinder).

Safe and efficient

MEVA’s MAC automatic climbing system (MEVA Automatic Climbing) climbs as a single unit. This simplifies the construction process and ­increases the safety compared to climbing systems in which every platform climbs individually. The completely covered and closed unit provides protection against the weather as well as ­comfortable ­working conditions. Work on wall and slab can be performed ­independently of each other. This increases the productivity and thus ensures rapid progress of the construction work.

The MAC’s clever design enables the formwork to be adapted quickly and easily to the building’s geometry. In addition, entire gangs can be moved in a single operation, resulting in a significant time saving whenever the formwork is set up or stripped.

Depending on the requirements, all MEVA wall formwork systems as well as the customer’s own formwork can be used in the MAC.

Technical illustration of the MAC self-climbing climbing system