The MGC climbing system consists of wall formwork and working platform.

MGC-H climbing system

The rail-guided MGS-H climbing system climbs as a unit and consists of wall formwork and working platforms. ­Hydraulically or by crane.

Product characteristics

  • Lifting process using ­hydraulics or by crane

    • Provides for flexibility and efficiency

  • Free positioning of the guide rails up to 4.50 m

    • ​​​​​​​Width covers a wide range of standard applications

  • High degree of safety

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fully integrated access ladders with safety cages 

  • Safe and efficient ­preassembly on the ground

  • Delivery of preassembled transportable components possible

  • Safe work in all weathers increases the productivity

  • Ergonomic work thanks to weight-optimised components among other things

  • All-in-one-solution

    • ​​​​​​​MGC-H in conjunction with MGS-H provides for optimum safety and efficient construction processes

  • Firmly attached to the building at all times, during both the construction phase and the climbing phase

Technical illustration of the MGC climbing system with integrated ladder exit and fully enclosed working platform.

Safe work at all heights


  • Fully integrated access ladder with safety cage

  • Fully enclosed working platform supports the wall formwork and the access platform

  • Mobile hydraulic unit

  • Weight-optimised ­hydraulic cylinders

  • Intermediate platform as a safe base when using the hydraulic system during climbing

  • Easy to use: Trailing platforms can be flexibly attached to the guide rails in order to safety perform follow-up work

The rail-guided MGC-H climbing system

Safe and efficient assembly on the ground 
Thanks to the MGC-H’s clever design, the units – including guide rail and ladder extensions, trailing platforms and other components – can be assembled safely and in a time-saving manner under simple assembly conditions on the ground.

Extensions and trailing platforms installed from below
When the climbing unit has been installed on the building, the extensions, trailing platforms and access ladders are also installed from below. This ­increases the safety of the system and the efficiency during assembly.

MGC-H and wall formwork – always a safe unit
The MGC-H and the wall formwork always form a single unit. The use of guide rails ensures that it remains firmly anchored to the building even under windy conditions – during both the construction phase and the climbing phase ­(hydraulically or by crane). It is possible to work ergonomically at all times thanks to cleverly designed components such as weight-optimised hydraulic cylinders, the mobile hydraulic unit as well as the lightweight MGC-H guide shoe.

Rail-guided MGC climbing system from below.
MEVA's climbing system MGC in use.