During construction of the Roche Tower 2 in Basel, the Mac climbing system and Mammut 350 wall formwork were used.

MGS-H screen system

The MGS-H rail-guided screen system provides all-round enclosure of the slab edges in the upper storeys and climbs hydraulically or by crane.

Product characteristics

  • System with individual units

    • Flexible adaptation to the floor plan and the geometry

    • Free positioning of the guide rails

    • Economical solution for almost all buildings due to flexible widths

  • Ergonomic work thanks to weight-optimised components

  • Rapid assembly

    • Can be optionally delivered as a ­preassembled unit

  • Safe and time-saving preassembly 

    • On the ground

    • Delivery of preassembled components possible

  • All-in-one-solution

    • ​​​​​​​MGS-H in conjunction with MGC-H or MAC provides for optimum safety and efficient construction processes

  • It can be used flexibly with and without working platform

All-round protection at all heights

MEVA’s guided screen system (MGS-H) encloses entire storeys of a building, especially ­during high-rise construction, irrespective of the height of the building. Maximum safety is ­guaranteed for the personnel during all phases of the work. Work can be performed in almost all weather conditions. The MGS-H remains connected to the building during the entire ­construction period. and can be attached to either the slab or the wall.

The MGS-H allows the sizes of the units to be chosen freely and perfectly adapted to suit the shape of the building. Even large-format units can be climbed quickly and safety in one lift. The screening is completely closed, optionally with cladding sheet (perforated or ­unperforated) or with various fabrics.
Safe and quick assembly 
The MGS-H is safely and efficiently assembled on the ground or delivered completely ­preassembled to the construction site in order to avoid situations where time and space are critical.

Besides safety, the focus is on ergonomics: weight-optimised hydraulic cylinders, a mobile hydraulic unit and the lightweight MGS-H guide shoe weighing only 20 kg make the assembly work easier.

Technical illustration of the MGS protection system, which offers complete protection.
The MGS protection system was anchored to the building in a wind-proof way.

Firmly attached to the ­building at all times to protect it against the wind, during both the construction phase and the climbing phase.

The MGS protection system is attached to a crane

Lifting process using ­hydraulics or by crane – high degree of flexibility and efficiency.

Guiding shoe of the MGS protection system

Maximum flexibility and ­simplified suspension through folding mechanism and adjustable guide shoe.