Der Gerüstturm eignet sich am Besten für hohe und vertikale Bauten

Space shoring tower

The Space shoring tower from MEVA offers a safe and economical alternative to conventional shoring variants and is suitable for high, vertical components such as supports, columns or piers.


  • Shoring tower with square cross-section for vertical components
    (columns and large panels) 

    • Few system parts

    • Support for the formwork

    • Working scaffold for rebar and concrete work

    • 4.80 m x 4.80 m cross-section with access hatches

  • Robust steel construction with powder coating

  • Flexible assembly

  • Preassembly on the ground, height-extendible

  • 3.00 m high segments as well as 0.50 and 1.00 m extensions available

  • Wind loads can be transferred to the shoring tower

  • Can be adapted to the formwork of each cycle

  • Perfectly complements circular and rectangular MEVA column formwork

  • Low transport volume: with a height of 2.46 m, it fits on any truck 

  • Pre-assembled segments can be lifted for rapid height extension

Efficient at great heights

Safe access and work

The Space Shoring Tower provides the necessary support for the formwork with just a few system parts and at the same time serves as a working scaffold for rebar and concrete work, even above a height of 35 m.

When particularly high, vertical components such as rectangular or round columns are formed, MEVA’s Space Shoring Tower provides a safe and economical alternative to conventional bracing systems. The individual tower segments with a quadratic cross-section of 4.80 m x 4.80 m are pre-assembled on the ground and then bolted together. The construction consists of 300 cm high segments and 50 and 100 cm extensions.

When assembled, the Space Shoring Tower can be moved safely and quickly by crane. The working levels are equipped with commercially available planking. This enables the access hatches to be positioned as required.

Gerüstturm für hohe und vertikale Bauteile wie Stützen oder Säulen.