Die Klapparbeitsbüne ist sowohl als Arbeits- und Schutzgerüst als auch als Klettergerüst indiviudell einsetzbar

KAB foldable working platform

Working and safety scaffold with integrated platform flooring and fold-out guarding rail. Used in conjunction with a formwork system, the KAB foldable working platform can also serve as a climbing scaffold.

Product characteristics

  • Safe and flexible

    • For use as safety scaffold

    • For use as working scaffold

    • For use as climbing scaffold with formwork

    • For use as safety and fall-arrest scaffold below eaves (with height adjustment 100)

  • A top performer

    • Cone or loop suspension for working loads up to 3.0 kN/m²

    • Platform supporting wall formwork heights up to 4.25 m, braced with push-pull props

  • Intelligent MEVA product design

    • Preassembled for rapid deployment

    • Generous platform width of 190 cm – ample space for formwork and scaffolds

    • 225 and 350 cm platform lengths

    • Corner platforms for various geometries

    • Only 25 cm high when folded, allowing ­efficient storage and logistics

Die KAB klappt sich beim Kranhub automatisch auf und ist daher sehr einfach einusetzen.

A versatile solution

Meeting diverse building construction needs

MEVA's KAB foldable working platform is ready to use from the stack, with no tools or loose parts needed for on-site assembly. When lifted by crane, the platform folds out and automatically locks into the open position.

Whether used as a safety scaffold with masonry and at roof edges or as a climbing scaffold in conjunction with formwork, the KAB platform provides a robust and cost-effective solution requiring only few ancillary components and adaptable to virtually any situation encountered in building construction. 

Safety first for formwork, ­masonry and roof edge ­operations

Automatische Schwerkraftsicherungen an den Aussteifungsstreben machen die Klapparbeitsbühne KAB sehr sicher.

Braces fitted with automatic gravity locks.

KAB Eckbühne für rechtwinklige, stumpfe und spitze  Bauwerksecken

The 190 cm wide platform offers ample space, even after formwork or scaffold frame assembly. The corner platforms can accommodate acute, obtuse and right-angled corners.