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Special design

With each project posing its own particular challenges, MEVA always operates on the principle that the end determines the means.

Schalungselement für den Sonderschalungsbau

Well combined

A cost-effective combination

The combination of standard and special parts as well as the modification of standard parts is the efficient solution, inter alia, for

  • Corner panels for wastewater treatment plants
  • Special parts for inclined, curved walls
  • Special panels for slabs
  • Rectangular and circular formwork
  • Special steel versions for tunnel construction

The MEVA assembly lock connects standard and special parts efficiently and in non-positive way.

For complex geometries

Customised solutions

Special wooden formwork is the ideal choice when between one and five pours are required without refacing. This is often the case when forming complex geometric shapes.

The focus is on feasibility, cost-effectiveness, a smooth construction process and the desired concrete form. MEVA specialists develop proposals in accordance with the requirements on concrete finish, number of applications, fresh-concrete pressure loading, transport and the use on the construction site.

Facing portfolio
  • Laminated plywood (21 mm)
  • Laminated plywood (8 mm) on a supporting structure
  • alkus 6 mm (GM) on plywood
  • alkus 20 mm as load-bearing facing
  • alkus 20 mm, seamlessly welded, polished for uniform concrete finishes, also for long-term use
Eine Sonderschalung aus Holz von MEVA.

Special formwork made of wood

Sonderschalung aus Holz

Example of wooden formwork for special geometries

Sonderschalungselement aus Holz von MEVA

Special formwork for bridge piers.

Architectural concrete in good shape

Seamless surface

With alkus, concrete can be poured in any desired shape. The alkus all-plastic facing is very simple and can be formed and bent with a high degree of precision. Furthermore, it can be extensively welded. This enables large, smooth concrete surfaces to be achieved without joints or imprints.


Fields of application
  • Highest architectural concrete requirements
  • Highest requirements on uniform concrete finishes
  • Large number of applications



  • alkus all-plastic facings welded together
  • Welded corners
  • Pre-bent shapes
  • alkus 6 mm (GM) on a wooden substructure 
  • Polished alkus facings for special effects
  • Milling of cuts, images and decorative elements on the alkus surface
Eingeschnittene alkus Platte um die stabile Platte zu biegen

To achieve small bending radii, the alkus all-plastic facing is correspondingly machined.


Eine alkus-Vollkunststoffplatte mit Lamello-Verbindern.

Milled, butt jointed and then connected with Lamello connectors without welds.

Eine Sonderschalung in verbogener Form von MEVA.

Pre-bent shapes.

Alkus Eckstück für Sonderschalungsbau

Seamless, extensively welded 20 mm facing. The welding of the corners functions just like when welding steel; the weld can be loaded reliably.

Sonderschalung mit Plastikplatte von MEVA

Preshaped alkus all-plastic facing on a wooden substructure.

Eine gebogene alkus Vollkunststoff-Platte.

6 mm GM version of the alkus all-plastic facing on a wooden substructure.