Concrete pressure measuring device mounted on formwork system
SolidCheck measuring device for concrete condition and setting time

Technical support

Long years of experience and a wealth of expertise ­gathered from successful projects have made MEVA an absolute authority on technically sophisticated solutions – regardless of project size and difficulty.

Your project plus our expertise equals your success

Complex structures such as tunnels, navigation locks, quay walls and dams demand extreme care during concreting. The use of fluid and self-compacting concretes requires a high degree of skill.

We will help you monitor high fresh concrete pressures and provide suitable measuring devices on site – for the simple reason that the more accurately the setting time can be defined, the earlier stripping can commence. Knowing exactly when the final set is reached also saves time and money as it eliminates unnecessary safety margins or delays in the works and makes all operations easier to programme.

  • Fresh concrete pressure measurement
  • Rental of concrete pressure load cells for concreting
  • Measurement for determining final concrete set, including hire of SolidCheck measuring devices
  • Supervision during architectural concrete works
  • In-depth counselling on concrete and formwork technology