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Global tasks supremely mastered

A 500+ workforce at 40 sites in over 30 countries on five continents – that is MEVA's global reach. Ably represented by subsidiaries and international bases, we are on the spot wherever our customers need us.

From Haiterbach out into the world

You can rely on us wherever you are. With 40 offices on 5 continents, we are on the spot wherever you need us.

Independent of location, our highly professional, closely networked project teams work together to ensure the rapid, effective on-site deployment of expert personnel to tackle any task, whatever the scale.

We partner our customers in ensuring that, on every site where our products and services are used, consistently high standards of safety and quality are upheld, and high cost effectiveness achieved. We nonetheless realise that different geographical regions bring different market conditions and challenges, and accordingly adapt our product and service offerings so as to maximise customer benefits.

The flexibility and personal supervision made possible by MEVA's strong local presence allow us to deliver the best possible support for all our customers and projects, both large and small.


Eine Karte von der ganzen Welt.

History of locations

MEVA Philippines

Head office in Manila, founded in 2016 (reference picture: Ayala Triangle Gardens)

Ayla Triangle Gardens in the Philippines is being built using MEVA formwork.
MEVA Singapore

Head office in Singapore, founded in 2014 (reference picture: Ardmore Park)

The Ardmore Park in Singapore is being built with MEVA formwork.
MEVA India

Head office Mumbai, founded in 2008 (reference picture: Saifee Burhani Park)

Saifee Burhani Park in India was built with MEVA formwork.


Head office in Tamworth, founded in 2006 (reference picture: Deansgate Square)

MEVA KHK, United Arab Emirates

Head office in Dubai, founded in 2006  (reference pciture: Burj Khalifa Dubai)

Deansgate Square in Great Britain and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai were built with MEVA formwork.
MEVA France

Head office Sarregeuemines, founded in 2003 (reference picture: industrial building)

An industrial building in France is built with MEVA formwork.

Head office in Springfield, founded in 2000 (reference picture: water treatment plant WWTP)

The WWTP sewage treatment plant in the US is built with MEVA formwork.
MEVA Switzerland

Head office in Seon, founded in 1995 (reference picture: Olympic House Lausanne)

The headquarters of the International Olympic Committee will be built with MEVA formwork.
MEVA Hungary

Head office in Budapest, founded in 1993 (reference picture: football stadium Pancho Arena)

The Pancho Arena football stadium in Hungary is being built with MEVA formwork
MEVA Berlin

Formwork center, founded in 1991 (reference picture: shopping centre Schlossgalerie Steglitz)

The Schlossgalerie Steglitz in Berlin is being built with MEVA formwork

MEVA Netherlands

Head office in Gouda, founded in 1990 (MEVA BeNeLux since 2016) (reference picture: Hotel Casa)

MEVA Austria

Head office in Pfaffstätten, founded in 1990 (reference picture: torrent control Obersulzbach)

MEVA Stuttgart

Founded in 1990 


The Hotel Casa in the Netherlands and the torrent control system in Obersulzbach are built with MEVA formwork.
MEVA Hannover

Formwork center, founded in 1987 (reference picture: administrative building T-Mobile) 

Construction of a building as a reference
MEVA Germany

Headquarters in Haiterbach, founded in 1970

The MEVA headquarters in Haiterbach.