The light-weight AluFix

Lighter than plastics formworks, durable and 50% fewer parts

The smart and lightweight aluminum hand formwork

AluFix is the first choice when high-quality results are required without the use of a crane, e.g. when building in existing structures or in garden and landscape construction. AluFix is ideally suited for forming walls, floor slabs, foundations or beams. The lighter weight compared to plastic formwork, the elements available, durability and about 50% fewer parts of the formwork speak for themselves.

Discover the lightweight AluFix wall formwork and secure attractive special offers now. For personal advice and further information, please contact René Wolleydt.

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AluFix in action

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Why AluFix?

High efficiency

High efficiency

Excellent value for money thanks to exceptional durability, performance and flexibility.AluFix pays for itself in the long term through lower costs for personnel, crane times and repairs.

Aluminium is more sustainable

Aluminium is more sustainable

The aluminium of AluFix formwork is made of recycled aluminium, has a long service life, can be repaired and is easy to recycle - the disposal of plastic formwork is much more complex and costly. Aluminium is more sustainable.

Lighter than plastic formwork

Lighter than plastic formwork

Plastic has to be lighter than metal? No! AluFix is lighter than plastic formwork from other manufacturers. Thanks to the ergonomic grip profiles, the panels also feel "light" and enable fast construction progress.

50% fewer parts

50% fewer parts

Every part that has to be assembled costs money and time. AluFix requires on average 50% fewer parts than common plastic formwork.

Flexible and crane-free

Flexible and crane-free

AluFix is fully a MEVA system and offers a wide element range. AluFix is ideal where no crane is available and is the first choice as foundation or secondary formwork. AluFix can also be used as slab formwork.

No expiration date

No expiration date

In contrast to plastic formwork, AluFix is not limited in its service life by an "expiry date": the stable frame construction and formlining can easily withstand decades of continuous use.

Plastic where it makes sense

Plastic where it makes sense

We use plastic in the alkus solid plastic panel as a high-tech material. It convinces with outstanding properties: The alkus does not absorb water, does not swell, can be nailed, repaired, is easy to clean and permanently achieves the best concrete surfaces in thousands of uses.

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50% fewer parts than with plastic formwork

Every part on the construction site less, is a good part. Because you do not have to buy, transport, search for, assemble, clean or replace it if it is lost or damaged.

The comparison with a sample floor plan with a formwork height of 2.70 m shows. With AluFix, you need considerably fewer parts than, for example, a common plastic formwork. In the case of the sample floor plan with 26 circumferential metres, that's 700 parts less!

AluFix Plastic formwork
Elements 90 198
Locks / Connectors 164 649
Flange nuts 234 288
Anchor rods 117 144
brackets / bars 6 32
Total 611 1311



A wall full of ideas

Discover the advantages of AluFix

Flange screw
for force-locking connection of all attachment parts with only one part.

Tie rod holder
can be attached to the functional strut of the standing or lying AluFix panel. For safe and quick transport on the construction site.

EA assembly lock 
Only one component is needed for rapid, reliable panel connection: the MEVA assembly lock. Allows single-handed fitting at any position along frame. A few hammer blows suffice to achieve strong, level, stepless panel connection.

Alkus all-plastic sheet
does not absorb water. It does not swell or shrink. The robust, smooth surface guarantees first-class concrete quality even after many uses.

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