Together with the wall formwork, the KLK 230 climbing scaffold becomes a climbing unit.

KLK 230 climbing scaffold

The KLK 230 climbing scaffold is firmly attached to the wall formwork to form a craneable climbing unit. The climbing scaffold, which is specifically adapted to suit the building, thus serves as a barrier-free working scaffold.

Product characteristics

  • Formwork height up to 7.25 m 

  • Loading of the KLK platform up to 6 kN/m² (DIN 4420)

  • Climbing scaffold with formwork support

    • Quick and safe attachment of the formwork to the KLK 230 with the tried-and-tested MEVA assembly lock

  • Working scaffold with a 2.30 m deep ­platform

    • ​​​​​​​Safe and comfortable work at all heights

  • Climbing scaffold with formwork clamping fixture

    • Formwork can be tilted back to allow work to be carried out; this simplifies stripping

    • Formwork clamping fixture with 23 ­centimetres of vertical adjustment enables the formwork to be precisely a

  • Climbing scaffold with slide carriage

    • Simple relocation of the formwork (travel distance of 70 cm)

    • Comfortable working area for formwork ­s­­et-up and boxout work

    • Barrier-free work

    • Climbing scaffold and formwork can be ­relocated as a single unit

  • The side protection net on the handrail ­protects against falling objects

Safe and flexible

The multifunctional climbing scaffold

The KLK 230 climbing scaffold with a 2.30 m wide platform provides all the technical advantages of large-area formwork irrespective of the height of the building – with the same level of safety as at ground level. 
The KLK 230 can be used as climbing formwork and as a working platform for rebar, formwork set-up and concrete-pouring work. It can be easily ­supplemented with a trailing platform in order to perform follow-up work.

The KLK 230 climbing scaffold is firmly attached to the wall formwork to form a craneable climbing unit. The formwork clamping fixture allows both the height (up to 23 cm) and the inclination of the formwork to be finely adjusted in order to precisely adapt it to the geometry of the building.

The formwork can be moved back by 70 cm using a slide carriage, creating sufficient space to perform cleaning and boxout work comfortably.


  • Optionally available with slide carriage to provide sufficient space to perform forming and boxout work
  • It can also be used flexibly for polygonal building layouts
  • The high load-bearing capacity of the brackets make very large scaffolding units possible
The climbing scaffold KLK 230 with large area formwork and working platform.
The KLK 230 climbing scaffold also serves as a working platform.