MT60 shoring in combination with MevaDec slab formwork.

MT 60 shoring tower

Modular shoring towers improve the safety and flexibility of operations on site. The choice of system depends on the slab height and specific shoring function.

Product characteristics

  • A top performer

    • 60 kN load capacity per leg, for high loads and slab ­thicknesses up to 71 cm

  • Built-in safety solutions

    • Safety access ladder in each tower segment

    • Fall protection on all sides of working platform

    • Access hatch

    • Self-locking connections even during assembly

    • Tower planking automatically secured in frame

  • Intelligent MEVA product design

    • Straightforward vertical or horizontal assembly on ground – without tools, bolts or pins

    • Easy to move as complete tower unit by crane or on castors – crane eyes integrated in every frame

    • Only three frame types for all heights up to 18.66 m: 100, 75 and 50 cm

    • Max. weight approx. 15 kg per individual component 

  • Module connection locked by simple rotation

Technical drawing of the MT60 shoring system.

A tower of strength

  • Compatible with all MEVA slab systems

  • Compatible with MEP shoring tower

  • Built-in safety throughout assembly, operation and dismantling



Crane eyes integrated in every frame

The shoring MT60 always includes an integrated crane eye on each frame.

System interface with slab

Full compatibility with MevaDec

The MT 60 shoring tower system ensures seamless co-ordination with the slab formwork. The 1.70 x 1.70 m footprint perfectly matches the MevaDec system with the drop-head-beam-panel and primary-and-secondary-beam methods. 

The ladders and planking integrated in the tower frame provide safe access to the slab formwork.

Technical drawing of the MEP shoring system in combination with MevaDec slab formwork.