MonoDec – The light and robust slab formwork

The lightweight slab formwork system with aluminum facing is a very costeffective solution for your formwork project. It is flexible for any building geometry and provides high quality concrete finish for beams and slabs.

Product characteristics

  • Fast adaptation to any building layouts

    • Standard Panel lengths of 50 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm, 155 cm and 165 cm

    • Width 50 cm

  • Easy assembly by hand – no crane required

    • Average p​​​​​​Panel weight: 19.56 kg/m²

  • High capacity

    • Permissible slab thickness from 20 cm to 44 cm according prop and scaffolding loading capacity and prop spacing

  • Durable, lightweight, superior and consistent concrete finish

    • MonoDec is 100 % recyclable and environment-friendly

  • Easy to clean with high-pressure and reduced concrete adhesion

  • Fast and simple assembly

    • Panel profile 65 mm

  • Impervious to moisture; no corrosion, no fungal decay and durable and long lifespan

    • Slab formwork system with Drop Head, Beam and Panel allowing early stripping procedure and optimized material utilization

Slab Formwork combined with shoring tower
MonoDec + MT 60

The MT 60 shoring system is a square load tower sized 170 cm x 170 cm and allows for safe work in great heights. Fall down accidents are avoided while work performance is increased. The maximum load capacity is 60 kN per tower post.

Slab Formwork combined with scaffolding
MonoDec + Scaffolding

Easy construction with any shoring system to achieve the required heights. The standard spacing with scaffolding is 200 cm x 165cm.

MonoDec Fork Head

  • Supports MonoDec
    • Primary Beams in cantilever areas
  • Supports Primary Beams
    • at intermediate points when reinforcement is needed

Functional with any Slab Thickness

Reinforcement with an intermediate row of H20 Beams and MEVA EuMax Props when the slab thickness exceeds 20 cm.

Allowable slab thickness [cm]

Prop Spacing [cm]
150 x 165  200 x 165  200 x 165* 180 x 150
With prop capacity 20 kN 25  17  36  20 
With prop capacity 30 kN 40  20  43  36 
With scaffolding capacity 40 kN 44  20  43  40 

Detail Slab Edge Flat Plate

Slab with no Perimeter Reinforced Concrete (R. C.) Beam

Possibility to extend the MonoDec Primary Beam using Joint Bar

Detail Slab Edge 

Slab with no Perimeter Reinforced Concrete (R. C.) Beam

Easy slab-edge configuration and safe working area


Detail Reinforced Concrete (R. C.) Perimeter Beam. Assembly with MEVA EuMax Props.

R.C. Beam Detail with MonoDec


The Drop Head H20 Drophead allows the removal of the shuttering and H20 Beams without losing its support to the R.C. Beam.

R.C Perimeter Beam

Assembly with Multidirectional Scaffolding

Easy to combine with other MEVA perimeter beam solutions.

MonoDec Components

The MonoDec Drop Head allows an early stripping procedure by removal of the Primary Beams and Panels without losing the slab support.

Drop Head

  • Drop Head weight: 5,8 kg
  • Drop Head height: 25 cm
  • Drop height: 10 cm

Slab Panel

  • Slab Panel 50/150
  • Slab Panel 50/100
  • Slab Panel 50/50

Joint Bar

  • Connection between primary beams for cantilever

MonoDec Primary Beam

  • MonoDec Primary Beam 150
  • MonoDec Primary Beam 170
  • MonoDec Primary Beam 200

Long Pin

  • Bearing of the primary beams or drop heads, alternatively connects primary beam with joint bar

MonoDec assembly

Erect a row of H20 Beams along the wall, supported 1 with MEVA EuMax Props.

Erect a second row of MEVA EuMax Props with MonoDec Drop Heads parallel to the first one at a distance given by the length of the panels.

Attach the long pin in the end holes of the MonoDec 3 Primary Beam.

Hook the MonoDec Primary Beam with the first MonoDec Drop Head, swing the beam up and hook it with the second MonoDec Drop Head.

Insert the MonoDec Panels perpendicular to the MonoDec Primary Beams and on top of the H20 beams so that each panel closes the gap to the wall.

Insert the panels on top of the next rows of MonoDec Primary Beams, following the project’s 6 design.

MonoDec disassembly

Hit the Wedge Ring of the MonoDec Drop Head with a hammer until it drops approximately 10 cm. Proceed with the next Drop Head until the MonoDec Primary Beam lowers.

Remove the MonoDec panels.

Once the MonoDec Primary Beams are lowered and the Panels are removed (A), raise the MonoDec Primary Beam (B), move it 3 to one side and remove it (C).

Upon Removing the MonoDec Panels and MonoDec Primary Beams, the MEVA EuMax Prop and MonoDec Drop Head remain in place for reshoring.