Columns in the largest waterworks in Ireland built with the CaroFalt column formwork.


CaroFalt is the safe, foldable and wheelable column formwork from MEVA. It consists of four identical elements which are hinged together like windmill blades. The system convinces with integrated safety functions, simple application and excellent concrete results.

Product characteristics

  • Optimum size range

    • Rapid performance of high pours for 20 to 60 cm column cross-sections

    • Square or rectangular column cross-sections, adjustable in 5 cm increments

  • Built-in safety

    • Working platform

    • Integral access ladder with rear protection

    • Extensions added at bottom to enhance speed and safety of operations

  • Max. 100 kN/m² fresh concrete load capacity

  • Intelligent MEVA product design

    • alkus all-plastic facing

    • Standard and bottom extension units connected by AS ­assembly locks

    • Closed hollow frame profile made of steel: structurally robust, hot-dip galvanised with MEVA finish, making it durable and easy-to-clean

    • Easy-to-use CF spanner for fast opening and closing of ­formwork, even from ladder

    • Rapid panel connection

    • Meeting highest fair-faced concrete requirements

    • Use of standard MEVA accessories

Foldable, wheelable column formwork

Quick and reliable for best results

CaroFalt is a byword for the fast, efficient casting of high-quality columns. The system comprises four identical panels that are hinged together in the manner of windmill sails to allow rapid deployment. The assembled unit can be rolled to the next work location using clip-on castors or lifted to the next storey by crane in a single operation. 

Column in fair-faced concrete quality created with the foldable and mobile column formwork CaroFalt.
Technical drawing of the Carofalt column formwork.

Inspired detailing

Drawing on numerous standard MEVA product and quality features, the CaroFalt column formwork concept is a technical tour de force that impresses down to the last detail. While the alkus all-plastic facings deliver fair-faced concrete quality, the column arrises can be additionally chamfered through the incorporation of triangular fillets. The high fresh concrete load capacity of 100 kN/m² allows the rapid completion of high vertical pours.

  • Relocation with castors

    clip-on castors allow the easy movement of complete units to the next work location

  • Working platform

    ample working space, ­supporting loads of up to 200 kg/m², with non-slip ­aluminium plate flooring

  • Integral ladder access with rear protection

  • Perforated rail

    to simplify adjustment of column cross-section in 5 cm increments

  • Bottom extension

    for varying pour heights, the column formwork can be easily shortened or extended at the bottom

  • Hot-dip galvanised frame

    with surface finish to facilitate cleaning and reduce concrete adhesion

  • Closed hollow profile

    for high stability and long service life

  • alkus all-plastic facing

    no water absorption. Resistant to swelling and shrinkage. The smooth, robust surface guarantees a high-quality concrete finish, even after heavy use

Easy relocation

The assembly can be lifted to the next storey by crane in a single operation

Column formwork CaroFalt with a blue sky in the background.

Simple, time-saving height adjustment

Only one component is needed for ­rapid, ­reliable panel connection: the MEVA ­assembly lock. This allows single-handed fitting and just a few hammer blows suffice to achieve a strong panel connection.

The MEVA assembly lock connects two formworks.

CF spanners to change column cross-section

The square or rectangular column cross-section can be adjusted in 5 cm increments using the perforated rail. The CF spanner allows easy opening and closing of the column formwork, even from the ladder.

Adjustment of the column cross section by means of the screw tensioner.