Two columns in fair-faced concrete quality, created with the Circo column formwork.


The circular column formwork Circo is quickly assembled with two half-shell elements and is easily locked with the MEVA assembly lock. Circo offers flexible solutions for columns or round wall closures in combination with Mammut 350 or Mammut XT. The column diameter can be selected in 5 cm increments from 25 to 80 cm.

Product characteristics

  • Optimum column height increments

    • 3 m tall units with 1 m and 0.5 m extensions to cater for all standard heights in 50 cm increments

    • Diameters in 5 cm increments from 25 to 80 cm

    • High-precision fit for stepless vertical ­extension

  • Safety thanks to

    • Working platform with integrated access hatch

    • Ladder

  • Intelligent MEVA product design

    • Rapid assembly and connection of semi-circular units with MEVA assembly lock

    • Rounded wall ends

    • Straightforward installation of additional MEVA accessories​​​​​​

Twin semi-circular units for all-round satisfaction

Robust, rigid circular steel column formwork

Circo offers the perfect solution for circular columns, meeting all ­fair-faced concrete requirements. The steel formwork comprises two identical ­semi-circular column units. High-grade priming and cavity sealing provide reliable protection against corrosion and facilitate cleaning. Circo formwork can accommodate a maximum fresh concrete pressure of 120 kN/m².

It can also be used in conjunction with AluStar, StarTec, Mammut 350 and Mammut XT wall formwork panels to form rounded wall ends.

Two half shells form one column.
Column formwork Circo can be combined with various wall formworks to create round wall ends.

Perfectly formed circular columns

Versatile application

Circular concrete columns combine pragmatic benefits with aesthetic appeal. 

Architectural concepts for framed buildings or halls, for instance, frequently incorporate circular columns with fair-faced finishes as a design feature. Other typical applications include basement car parks, bridge piers or underground stormwater storage tanks.

Ingenuity down to the finest detail

  • Perfectly aligned vertical extension
    by special connecting flanges (turned in pairs)
  • Circo platform
    for Circo circular column formwork with access hatch and foldable side and rear protection

  • Straightforward installation of accessories

  • Platform covering
    non-slip aluminium plate flooring

  • Circo units
    semi-circular ­formwork units for circular columns

  • Connection to straight walls
    creation of rounded wall ends

Technical illustration of the Circo column system in combination with wall formwork elements to create round wall ends.