The circular formwork Radius can be used for circular walls with a radius of 250 cm and more.


The MEVA Radius circular formwork is a flexible system for circular walls with a radius of 250 cm or more. The simple, fast erection, the precise stepless adjustment of the curvature and the statically reliable steel facing for particularly good and consistent concrete surfaces speak for themselves.

Product characteristics

  • A top performer

    • 60 kN/m² fresh concrete load capacity

    • For tall elements, high pour speeds and large formwork cycles

  • Compatibility

    • AluStar

    • StarTec

    • Mammut 350

    • Mammut XT

  • Easy vertical extension with RS alignment rail and M assembly lock

  • Panel connection with MEVA assembly lock

    • Fast, trouble-free junctions with straight walls

    • Uniform working method, streamlined ­logistics

    • Rapid, labour-saving assembly

  • Intelligent MEVA product design

    • Millimetre-perfect setting of required radii using integrated spindles

    • Coated steel facing

    • Safe, efficient working through use of MEVA accessories

The continuously adjustable circular formwork

The flexible system for curved walls comprises ready-to-use formwork panels accommodating radii upwards of 250 cm. The integrated spindle system allows continuous on-site adjustment of the panels to the required radius. As a special service provided on request, MEVA employees will ensure precise ­adjustment of the radii or supply you with factory-built radius templates. ­Radius is compatible with MEVA's AluStar, StarTec, Mammut 350 and ­Mammut XT wall formwork systems.

The circular wall formwork Radius

Ingenuity down to the finest detail

Easy vertical extension
With RS alignment rail and M assembly lock

Simple addition with the RS alignment rail and the M-assembly lock.

Box outs
Magnets used to attach box outs and triangular fillets.

Magnets used to attach box outs and triangular fillets.

Straightforward tying
Using anchor rails that fully exploit load capacity of DW 20 tie rod.

The Circo formwork Radius from MEVA.
Technical illustration of the circular formwork Radius and its components

MEVA systems excel by their supreme standards of quality, efficiency and practical detailing. And the tried-and-tested Radius circular formwork, with its high-grade, elastically deformable steel facing, is no exception. Radius sections are connected with push-pull spindles. The location of the spindle system between the stiffening sections minimises the depth of the formwork panels and improves their stackability. Vertical joints between panels are formed with the MEVA assembly lock.


  • Integral crane eye bolt

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
    thanks to high-grade powder-coated finish plus additional priming and cavity sealing.

  • Straightforward bracing
    with standard MEVA components.


Simple height adjustment
With foot spindle to offset uneven base.

The height adjustment serves to compensate for unevenness.

Specially coated, elastically deformable steel facing
To meet even stringent fair-faced concrete requirements.

Specially coated steel facing also fulfils high architectural concrete requirements.

Integral spindles
Simple, accurate setting of required radii using integrated spindles and ratchet.

Integrated spindles in the Radius formwork, which make the exact adjustment for circular radii possible.