The Triplex prop can be used both horizontally and vertically.


Triplex is the modular, heavy-duty bracing system for high wall and column formwork. It can also be used flexibly for additional horizontal and vertical support applications.

Product characteristics

  • To support and align high wall and column formwork

  • Stable and robust for safety at great heights and for efficient bracing of the STB support frame

  • Flexibly combinable

  • Economical and quick

  • Besides being used for bracing, their are also various other possible horizontal and vertical applications

The modular heavy-duty prop

For exceedingly stable bracing

Triplex consists of individual assemblies that can be combined on the construction site to produce the required length. Basic elements with lengths 50, 100, 200 and 300 cm are supplemented by foot plates and top units with a spindle which can be precisely adjusted using the left- or right-hand thread.

Triplex is available in two versions:

Triplex R
for use as a push-pull prop. In this application the prop is simply connected by means of a formwork-prop connector for wall and column formwork up to 16.00 m.

Triplex SB
for efficient bracing of the STB support frame up to 13.50 m.

Triplex props supporting a high wall.