EcoFix, with its multi-purpose elements and excellent price-performance ratio, is an ideal solution for all column and wall applications in a wide range of structures without the need for a crane. Thanks to 100% multi-purpose elements, most column and wall sizes can be constructed with a minimal number of parts, making EcoFix truly a modular formwork system.

Product characteristics

  • Flexibility

    • Panel heights of 300 and 150 cm, Panel widths of 75, 55, 45 and 25 cm for trouble-free corner solutions with any wall thickness

  • Capacity

    • Permissible fresh concrete pressure (DIN 18218) over full ­surface of 60 kN/m² (flatness tolerances to DIN 18202, Tab. 3, Line 6)

  • 100 % multi-purpose panels

    • ​​​​​​​Adjustable dimensions in 5 cm increments to provide flexibility between column and wall usage

  • Compatibility with AluFix and EcoAs

    • Ensures seamless combination with existing Column 15x15 cm Column 60x60 cm MEVA inventory

  • Crane-independent

  • Closed hollow steel profile

    • Structurally robust and durable

    • Torsion-proof

    • Powder coated to facilitate cleaning and
      reduce concrete adhesion

  • Intelligent MEVA product design

    • Internal corner connector eliminates the need for separate internal corner panels

    • MEVA assembly lock for structurally continuous connection with only a few hammer blows

    • Choice of high quality birch plywood with 220 g/m² phenolic coating or alkus all-plastic facing with 7-year warranty


EcoFix: Versatile and durable formwork system


Efficient building construction

EcoFix solves the problem of dealing with a variety of column and wall dimensions across projects due to the multipurpose nature of its panels. It is lightweight, hence labour friendly and offers both, birch plywood and alkus as facing options to deliver a consistently superior concrete finish.

EcoFix is the ideal solution for

  • Residential schemes
  • Commercial projects
  • Infrastructure and civil engineering projects

Tie holes at 5 cm increments ensure precise adjustment of columns dimensions. They make the system flexible for usage across columns and walls.

Vertical profile with built-in plug-in nut is positioned at the same level as AluFix and EcoAs to allow fixing of walking brackets, vertical alignment rails or alternative prop connector.

The Z profile allows easy cleaning and avoids the accumulation of slurry and grout.

Cost-effective hand-set formwork by MEVA

  1. Tie holes at 5 cm increments
    ensure a precise adjustment of columns dimensions
  2. Powder-coated surface finish
    facilitates cleaning and reduces concrete adhesion
  3. Closed hollow steel profile
    makes panel structurally robust

  4. EA assembly lock
    Only one component is needed for rapid, reliable panel connection: the MEVA assembly lock. Allows single-handed fitting at any position along frame. A few hammer blows suffice to achieve strong, level, stepless panel connection.

  5. Birch plywood facing
    220 g/m² phenolic coated birch plywood facing ensures superior quality concrete finish

Panels overview

Panel width [cm]
75 55 45 25 

Column Panel arrangement with Tie Rod

Panel arrangement without Tie Rod (Wind Mill)

Corner Connections

With EcoFix, various T- and L- junctions of panels are possible with minimum accessories. EcoFix enables cost-effective and efficient connections by making use of Internal Corner Connectors, Tension screws, Uni-assembly Locks for compensations and appropriate placement of ties.

Trouble-free corners
EcoFix's newly developed internal corner connector eliminates the need for separate internal corner panels, resulting in fewer panels on site, less assembly time and reduced costs.

Always properly aligned
EcoFix is equipped with a unique connector which holds the alignment rail in horizontal position in a semi-fixed position before being tightened by a flange nut, mounted on a tie rod. This makes the process of fixing and removing of the alignment rail labour-friendly.

Properly anchored
The easy to assemble Shoe Plate 23 anchors the panels in place.

For a variety of layouts

EcoFix is also equipped with multiple options for core wall construction. Different methods of end Panel connections are possible depending on site requirement.

With panels
55 cm width standard panel for up to 25 cm width walls. ​
75 cm width standard panel for up to 45 cm width walls.​

With Stop End Bracket with Plywood Stop End
as an alternative to End Panel.​

With Stop End Claw with Plywood Stop End
for wall widths up to 20 cm.