Finished wall after it had been formed with the panel formwork Mammut 350 and a wall still to be formed. Both walls are supported by the Triplex prop.

Mammut 350

Through its pioneering development in the 1980s of the large-scale, modular, panelised formwork system known as Mammut, MEVA opened up a whole new dimension in formwork efficiency.


Delivering the optimum combination of cost-effectiveness and flexibility for industrial construction and civil engineering, the Mammut product family regularly sets new benchmarks in the formwork market. The outstanding feature of the Mammut 350 heavy-duty formwork is its ability to accommodate fresh concrete pressures of up to 100 kN/m² over the entire surface.

Product characteristics

  • Size

    • Up to 8.75 m² contact area per panel (350 x 250 cm)

    • For storey heights up to 350 cm without vertical extension

  • Capacity

    • Permissible fresh concrete pressure (to DIN 18218) over entire surface of 100 kN/m² (DIN 18202, Tab. 3, Line 7) 

  • Universal application in industrial construction and civil engineering

  • Closed hollow steel frame profile

    • Structurally robust

    • Torsion-proof

    • Hot-dip galvanised to facilitate cleaning and reduce concrete adhesion

  • Smart multifunctional profile

    • Welded-in Dywidag nuts

    • All accessories, e.g. brackets, push-pull props and alignment rails, attached with MEVA flange screw

  • Tying for inclined or stepped-level formwork

    • Tie hole with conical steel anchor sleeve, welded in from both sides 

  • Intelligent MEVA product design

    • MEVA assembly lock for a structurally continuous connection with only a few hammer blows

    • Bump notches for panel widths of 125 cm and more to ­simplify adjustment and alignment with crow bar

    • High-quality alkus all-plastic facing with 7-year warranty

  • Compatible with Mammut XT 

    • ​​​​​​​which combines three tying methods in a single system

Thinking big with Mammut

Drawing of the wall formwork Mammut 350
  • Multi-function profile

    Made from closed hollow steel profiles with welded-in DW 15 nuts for rapid, structurally continuous connection of accessories

  • Hot-dip galvanised frame

    Surface finish facilitates cleaning and reduces concrete adhesion

  • Closed hollow profile

    For high stability and a long service life

  • Transport hole

    Designed to take the lifting hook 60 for rapid ­loading/unloading and movement of panel stacks

  • Bump notch

    Fitted at four corners for panel widths of 125 cm and more to simplify adjustment and alignment with crow bar

  • Tie hole

    With conical anchor sleeve, welded in from both sides

  • alkus all-plastic facing

    No water absorption, resistant to swelling and shrinkage. Smooth, robust surface guarantees a high-quality concrete finish, even after heavy use

Man who screws flange screws into an element.

Flange screw 

Single component for strong connection of all accessories.

Technical drawing of the M-assembly lock.

M assembly lock 

Only one component needed for rapid, reliable panel connection: MEVA assembly lock. Allows single-handed fitting at any position along the frame. A few hammer blows suffice to achieve a strong, level and stepless panel connection.

Tie rod holder with tie rod on a formwork element

Tie rod fixture

For fixing to multi-purpose profile of upright or horizontal Mammut 350 panels – for fast and safe transportation on site.

Mammut 350 panels and corners

The wide range of Mammut 350 panels ensures prompt and flexible formwork assembly for rapid progress on site. All panels can be set in an upright or horizontal position to ensure easy adaptation to specific layout geometries. The system offers a particularly cost-effective solution on projects with varying storey heights, e.g. residential or commercial buildings with basement car parks. 

  • Panel heights of 350, 300, 250 and 125 cm 
  • Panel widths from 250 to 25 cm
  • 90° inside and outside corners 
  • Hinged corners continuously adjustable between 60 and 180°, with locking device for frequently recurring angles
  • All corner configurations formed with standard corner panels

Panels overview

Panel width [cm] CP Corner Panels Fillers
 250 125  100  75  55 50   45 30   25   IC OC HIC HOC  SC FS
Height [cm] 350 ■  ■  ■ 
300 ■ 
250   ■ 
 125   ■ 

CP Column panel, width 125 cm IC Inside corner, side length 25 cm OC Outside corner HIC Hinged inside corner, side length 40 cm

HOC Hinged outside corner, side length 12.5 cm   SC Stripping corner, side length 25 cm FS Filler strip, 5 cm

Mammut 350 saves time

Mammut 350 is easy to set up and allows unlimited pour speeds for heights of up to 4 m. Large formats, with a maximum of 8.75 m² per panel, ensure rapid progress of work on site. Storey heights of up to 350 cm can be cast with a single panel, with no need for vertical extension. 

People who set up a frame element of the Mammut 350.
Technical drawing showing the Mammut 350 assembled.

Top performance

Accommodating maximum permissible fresh concrete pressures of 100 kN/m², Mammut 350 offers outstandlingly short pour times due to the unlimited speeds possible for concrete lifts of up to 4 m. Panel widths of 100 cm or more require the use of DW 20 tie rods.

  • Only two ties are needed for heights up to 3 m and three for heights up to 3.50 m

Ideal for fair-faced concrete

Mammut 350 offers the ideal solution in meeting the diverse requirements placed on fair-faced concrete. The visual impact achieved by the alkus all-plastic facing, in conjunction with the symmetrical tie and joint pattern, ensures that – whatever the specified grade of fair-faced concrete – the system significantly enhances the overall architectural appeal of any project.

Finished concrete wall in fair-faced concrete quality.
Safety system with ladder from MEVA mounted on formwork elements

Cost-effective all-in system

Modular safety

This safety system with a working platform is easy to install using a single component – the flange screw. A loadbearing capacity of up to 200 kg/m² guarantees start-to-finish safety throughout the assembly and concreting operations.