VarioMax is a flexible, lightweight support system, assembled from only a few parts, that is used for the construction of semi-precast slabs and consists of only three components.

Product characteristics

  • Flexible, lightweight support system for semi-precast floor slabs
    • Low weight
    • High load capacity
  • Integral connection pin in beams
    •  Prop positions predetermined by prop grid, thereby facilitating assembly
    • Unnecessary extra props can be eliminated 
    • Reduced time and material requirement cuts costs while simplifying storage and logistics
  •  Full compatibility with MEVA props and shoring tower systems
  •  Telescopic double and slide-in beams made from powder-coated aluminium
    • Long service life and more sustainable than H20 beams
    • Lower concrete adhesion, easy to clean
  •  Only three component types and few parts
    • Prop, double beam and slide-in beam
    • Grid-free adaptation to all layouts

Only three component types

VarioMax is a flexible, lightweight support system, assembled from only a few parts, that is used for the construction of semi-precast slabs. It comprises only three basic component types: prop, double beam and slide-in beam. VarioMax needs up to 50% fewer props and components than for standard methods and reduces the labour requirement accordingly. The system excels by its low weight, straightforward handling and flexible adaptation to any layout.


Simple, cost-effective and sustainable 

VarioMax is fully compatible with MEVA props and shoring tower systems. The aluminium double and slide-in beams with their grid-free telescopic function are lightweight, durable and designed for heavy duty, making them more sustainable than H20 beams. Their powder-coated finish reduces concrete adhesion, which in turn allows prompt, resource-efficient cleaning.

The integral connection pin dictates prop positions, simplifies assembly and prevents props from falling over.

Readily adaptable, heavy-duty and lightweight telescopic main and slide-in beams.

Straightforward, non-strenuous handling thanks to low weight.

  • High ease of cleaning 
    and reduced concrete adhesion due to optimised beam profile and powder coating
  • Robust hollow-chamber profile
    for high stability and permanent load capacity
  • High-grade powder-coated finish 
  • Universal waling
    for stiffening beams, easy to install and without losable parts

A system offering a wealth of options

Low material and labour requirement

Simply ingenious – ingeniously simple: the connection pins integrated in the beams dictate the number and position of required props, thereby allowing any unnecessary extra props to be eliminated. VarioMax thus delivers considerable savings in time, materials and cost: up to 50 % fewer props and components, such as forked prop heads, than for standard methods. At the same time, the reduced work effort can achieve labour cost reductions of up to 40 %.

The long service life resulting from the system's robust design and its ease of cleaning likewise translate into high cost-effectiveness and rapid progress on site. To enhance stability and reliably stiffen the beams, universal walings are simply fixed into the slide-in beams using hammerhead screws – without any losable parts.

The ideal prop spacing is 2.82 m, with only four props needed for a total assembly length of 8.76 m.

Use with MT 60 and MEP shoring tower systems

VarioMax's full compatibility with the MEVA MT 60 and MEP shoring tower systems simplifies planning and logistics. With all systems obtained from a single source, existing inventory can be exploited and users need only perform a few familiar operations to make the necessary secure connections, without having to learn anything new. Existing load charts vouch for safety without any additional effort.