View of a high-rise building from above.

55 Storey Residential Complex One Rockwell, Manila

One Rockwell is currently the largest MevaDec site on the Philippines. It is the safe and simple solution in slab forming, using the same parts and easy assembly. Its flexibility allows all slab layouts to be formed with a minimum of compensation areas.

Data & Facts

  • Architects and project management

    Arquitectonica, Miami

  • Contractor

    Rockwell Land Corp., Manila

  • MEVA Systems

    slab formwork MevaDec

  • Formwork engineering

    MEVA Philippines

ceiling formwork supported by meva prop.

MevaDec adapts easily to all slab layouts

Designed by the renowned architects Arquitectonica in Miami, USA, this 55 level residential tower in Rockwell is slated to be a luxury address on the Philippines. One Rockwell comprises two towers east and west. The luxury appartments have a Z-shaped layout and offer a spectacular all-round view. 

Form any slab with one and the same system:  choose integrated or separate forming face 

The MevaDec slab formwork system has revolutionised the way slabs are poured. Most importantly, it covers three different forming methods in one and the same system, enabling the concrete contractor to form any slab without changing parts and without additional inventory.  The slab formwork system is easily adaptable to

  • Building layout and type
  • Work flow requirements
  • Slab thickness
  • Level heights
  • Concrete mixture
  • Temperature and climate
  • Concrete finish

3-day-per-slab cycles proven

Since the slab formwork MevaDec is entirely crane-independent and is moved by hand, the system is predestined for high-rise and large-area slab works where crane time is limited or not available. The Rockwell One project required minimum inventory and exceptional speed over 55 levels. With zero re-facing down-times. And early stripping which leaves the props in place for reshoring while beams and panels are stripped for use on the next cycle. 

100% wood-free, all-plastic facing alkus 

MEVA is the first formwork manufacturer to equip all its formwork systems with the pioneering all-plastic facing alkus. Thus, all MEVA formwork systems produce a consistent high-quality concrete finish.

Das Bauunternehmen fühlt sich in seiner Wahl für MevaDec aufgrund der positiven Ergebnisse und Erfahrungen voll bestätigt. Die Resonanz vom Bauträger – Rockwell Land Corp – ist ebenfalls sehr positiv.

Technical illustration of the one Rockwell high-rise in Manila.
Construction site with MevaDec slab formwork in front of the skyline of Manila.