A winner right from the start with MevaDec

Quick and straightforward: slab formwork with MevaDec and props with drop heads

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Construction of a new care home
  • Principal
    • Oö. Landespflege- und Betreuungszentren GmbH, Wartberg (AT)
  • Contractor
    • GERSTL Gruppe, Wels, (AT)
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme Ges.mbH, Pfaffstätten, Austria

Simple handling and cleaning

During its debut for a construction company in Austria, the new MevaDec proved convincing right from the start. After receiving direct support on-site during the first application, the construction workers then took over and formed the slabs without any problem and with minimum use of material.

Building the nursing and care home in a municipality between Salzburg and Linz was business as usual for the construction company in the GERSTL Group responsible. The walls and balconies were built using its own familiar material. What was new, however, was the first-time use of the MevaDec slab formwork.

The building to be erected had a surface area of 36 x 17 m, with a 3.25-metre-high ground floor, two upper floors each 2.78 metres high and a slab thickness of 22 cm. The engineers in the project team and MEVA’s formwork planning experts relied on a clever system of weekly cycles: each floor slab was poured in two 300 m² cycles. 330 m² of the optimised, lightweight and easy-to-handle MEVA formwork MevaDec as well as a second set of props with drop heads were delivered to the construction site – sufficient to safely cater for the surfaces (including overhang) with a filler area proportion of less than 4%.

Simple handling and cleaning
A MEVA fitter was present on-site to provide support during the first-time use of the, as yet, unaccustomed system. However, the users quickly got the hang of the lightweight slab formwork, which can be cleaned quickly and easily thanks to its low concrete adhesion. As the foremen responsible said, “We now have several skilled workmen who, after the positive initial experiences, would happily work with MevaDec again in future.”