nished building of a psychiatric clinic in Reichenau

Architectural Finish to Perfection: Clinic on Lake Constance

Contractor Kurt Motz rented 520 m² of the Mammut 350 wall formwork to pour the building and retaining walls and columns.

Data & Facts

  • Project 

    Building a geriatric psychiatry clinic with 56 beds in 38 single and double rooms with 6,335 m2 of building area and 3,444 m2 floor space.

  • Developer 

    “Zentrum fur Psychiatrie” ZfP (psychiatric centre) in Reichenau on Lake Constance

  • Architects 

    huber staudt architekten bda, Berlin.
    Baulinie Architekten, Ravensburg

  • Contractor 

    Kurt Motz e.K., Illertissen (Oberschwaben)

  • MEVA Systems  

    wall formwork Mammut 350 with regenerated panels to achieve a top architectural concrete

  • Formwork Engineering 

    MEVA Formwork Systems, Germany, Stuttgart branch

Building in shell with safety railing.

Architectural Finish to Perfection

A new geriatric clinic is being built for € 14.7 million on the sweeping grounds of the psychiatric centre in Reichenau on Lake Constance. It will house aged psychiatric patients and start operation in May 2015. Contractor Kurt Motz did the earthworks and poured the complete building shell from June 2013 to May 2014.

The new clinic is characterised by ist generous design and rooms that are flooded by day light. All patient and most other rooms have large Windows with a park view. The 4-storey terrace house consists of 3 units that are all grouped around atriums. A terrace on the first floor invites patients to sit outside while the roof garden on the 2nd floor offers a splendid view of Lake Constance.

Rental formwork delivers exceptional concrete finish The walls of all public areas – reception hall, three staircases, roof garden and most hallways – were poured with an exceptionally smooth archictural finish.
All other walls have a normal concrete finish and the walls of the Patient rooms were made with sand-lime brick for noise protection.

Contractor Kurt Motz rented 520 m² of the Mammut 350 wall formwork to pour the building and retaining walls and columns. The walls were poured with 3.50 m by 2.50 m Mammut 350 panels without height extensions. Pours were done in cycles up to 15 m wide. Smaller panels were used for length compensations, columns and beams. The architectural finish was achieved with rental panels that were specially upgraded by MEVA for this purpose.

Delighted with all-plastic facing This job was the second in a row for which contractor Kurt Motz used MEVA formwork. It was the superior finish achieved with the all-plastic facing that persuaded Motz to switch to MEVA. The facing‘s quality and its flush fit in the panel frame are an added plus, especially when aiming for an immaculate architectural concrete finish. Foreman Bernd Sauter also praised the alkus repair kit that allows him to repair minor damages to the facing on site, without losing time.

Wall in fair-faced concrete quality.
Stair railing with wall in fair-faced concrete quality in the background.
3D drawing of the clinic for geriatric psychiatry at Lake Constance.