Building for the Future

New Waste-to-Energy Plant at Devonport Docks near Plymouth

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Waste-to-energy plant, Devonport Docks, Plymouth, UK
  • Contractor
    • Kier and Construction Services South West (CSSW), UK
  • Developer
    • MVV Environment, UJ
  • MEVA Systems
    • Wall formwork Mammut
    • Support frame STB 450
    • Climbing formwork KLK 230
    • Shoring system MEP
  • Formwork supply
    • Leada Acrow service centres Tavistock, Cardiff and Colnbrook

Leada Acrow provided an experienced design team

MVV Environment is building a new Waste-to-Energy plant at Devonport Docks near Plymouth. It will transform 240,000 tonnes of waste into energy for homes in the city of Plymouth.

This will have a huge impact on the local economy and bring environmental benefits with it: the facility will divert around 200,000 tonnes of household waste from landfill per year and be an alternative waste solution for local businesses.

The site is split, with the Turbine Hall on the north side and the Waste Bunker and Tipping Halls to the south. Leada Acrow worked closely with Kier and Construction Services South West (CSSW), contributing designs for the large-scale formwork and falsework structures. Leada Acrow provided an experienced design team and equipment hire from across the extensive product range.

This included the heavy-duty Mammut wall formwork, the MEVA KLK 230 climbing formwork, Co-Planar and MEP falsework plus Soliders, Super A-Beams and support frames STB 450 from Leada Acrow service centres in Tavistock, Cardiff and Colnbrook.

Leada Acrow’s involvement went beyond the designs and delivery of equipment. Their service continued in the form of regular site visits, providing advice throughout the construction process.