Climbing: Safety in High-Rise Building

World Hotel & Residences in Manila, Philippines climbed with MAC and MGS

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • 37 level, 5-star World Hotel & Residences, Makati in Manila, Philippines
  • Contractor
    • Megawide Construction Corporation, Quezon City
  • Developer and operator
    • World Hotels
  • MEVA Systems
    • Automatic climbing MAC
    • Guided Screens MGS
    • Mammut column panels
    • Wall formwork AluFix
  • Formwork engineering
    • MEVA Formwork Systems, Singapore

Automatic climbing MAC: fast, safe, accurate

The site in the centre of Manila actually began in the 1990‘s but was stopped during the crisis in 1998 after only 5 levels had been built. In 2012 the land and its project were bought by a new developer who launched the World Hotel & Residences project and selected Megawide as contractor. The building is slated to be a 5 star hotel and residences managed by international operator World Hotels. It will have 37 storeys.

The Philippine’s leading contractor
Megawide Corporation has become the country’s leading contractor and is committed to working with the best in safety and quality standards. MEVA systems with their all-plastic facing are a part of this philosophy. 

Automatic climbing MAC: fast, safe, accurate
As in many other high-rise projects, the Megawide engineers decided on the automatic climbing system MAC on account of its “safety, speed, accuracy and quality of finish”, says Michael Cosiquien, CEO of Megawide Construction. “These factors together decide on the success of a project.”

Safe wall pours
Mammut column panels were used for the fast pours of the columns while standard panels of MEVA’s hand-set formwork AluFix were used for the beams. “The safe, easy handling of the formwork panels allowed us to minimise effort and maximise speed to keep up in the tight building schedule on the project.”

Premiere: Guided Screens MGS used with hydraulic
The World Hotel & Residences project will also be the first in the Philippines to use a hydraulic screen system, the MEVA guided screens MGS, with integrated loading platforms. The screens completely enclose the rising building as concrete works proceed on the slabs. “For us, this is a big step forward in safety and, as a result, a big step toward optimising productivity on site. The hydraulic lift saves the precious crane time and makes workflow considerably more flexible and faster. Most important to us is the advantage of optimum worker safety. And since only safe work is fast work, the solution works very well for us!“