Column formwork simply erected

Different geometries implemented flexibly with MBS

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Commercial construction, Pune (IND)
  • Contractor
    • Millennium Engineers & Contractors Ltd.
  • MEVA systems
    • MBS wall formwork
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Formwork Systems Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai, India

Individual solutions with MBS

The city of Pune is known as India's "Motor City". The city is growing continually and in addition to the automotive industry, the presence of other industrial sectors is also increasing. Thus, on the east side of the city a new commercial development is presently being built using formwork from MEVA.

The new building complex consists of a total of nine towers, each with twelve storeys. Each storey houses about 32 columns. Due to the varying geometries the size of the columns changes over the course of the project. The construction company responsible, Millennium Engineers & Contractors Ltd., is thus relying on flexible formwork solutions from MEVA.

Individual solutions with MBS
The clever MBS wall formwork can be used with all wooden beam lengths from 2.45 m to 6 m. Together with steel walers clamped to MEVA H20 formwork girders with flange clamps, the formwork panels can be installed quickly and simply. The facings can be freely selected to suit the surface requirements and thus offer absolute flexibility.

18 units in use
A total of 18 MBS wall formwork units with varying dimensions were prepared for this construction project. The wall formwork can be precisely adapted to suit the building layout and the fresh-concrete pressure by positioning the girders and tie locations as required. The robust H20 girders from MEVA were delivered to the construction site just in time together with the low-cost 3S shuttering panels. The assembly work was performed by the team from Millennium Engineers & Contractors Ltd. and supported by MEVA’s formwork engineers. The direct customer support on the spot provided by MEVA guarantees efficient and rapid construction progress in the long term.

Flexible thanks to smart adaptation
Furthermore, the smart MBS wall formwork played a convincing part in this project thanks to its flexibility, as the column cross-section decreases on the upper storeys. The practical slotted section of the steel waler is a huge advantage here. It allows the formwork to be adapted flexibly in 5 cm increments. This ensures that the construction company is ideally prepared to deal with the changing requirements and is able to perform all necessary formwork tasks quickly and easily.

Practical tip: The MBS (MevaBeamSystem) can also be equipped with curved alignment rails for curved walls (MEVA Rundfix) and is thus the low-cost alternative for system formwork that is independent of the building layout.