Debut for MEVA32 in North America

Simple, smart and strong shoring system convinces at first use.

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Fordham Boulevard Apartments, Capel Hill, NC
  • Principal
    • Ram Realty Advisors
  • Contractor
    • C&C Industrial
  • MEVA Systems
    • MEVA32 aluminum shoring system
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Formwork Systems, Inc.
      in Springfield, Ohio

MEVA32 Aluminum Shoring – Light, strong, and flexible

In the growing and everchanging landscape of the college town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, new multi-residential developments are necessary for the growing population. Fordham Boulevard Apartments; a 272-unit, 295,000 square foot apartment complex will have two sections – five stories on one end and six on the other – and a central motor courtyard and pedestrian pass-through, connecting the project to a future public greenway and green space. A parking garage is also being constructed in conjunction with the second section of the building.

The project and schedule called for a shoring system that was simple to work with and assemble, and also offers efficient maximization and flexibility to work around other parts of the building structure such as columns. It is also strong enough to meet the demands of the building slabs and schedule and meet strong safety standards. The newest product to be introduced exclusively to the North American market – MEVA32 – was the perfect solution for the needs of the contractor, C&C Industrial.

MEVA32 Aluminum Shoring – Light and Strong, Flexible
One of the features that stood out for C&C Industrial was the weight of the frames. Weighing just under 50 lbs, each frame has a rating of 16 kips per leg, 32 kips per frame. “The men can carry this frame all day without getting tired” advised Robert Case. “Using the usual 10 kip frames, after five or six hours you’re tired. You’re tired because those frames are 70-75 lbs each. Another thing is that you have to use two people to lift each frame for placement on the screw jacks. With this system, one worker can do it.”

Gains in productivity
MEVA32 also features a top head that can be turned one direction for single beam, and the other direction to accommodate double beams; saving parts and labor. The six-foot width of the frame allows for less frames to be used over the same area compared to a traditional 10 kip system, allowing the contractor to gain even more efficiency. All of these factors have contributed to gains in productivity and the job schedule for C&C Industrial. I’ve saved at least a day and a half or two days of productivity with my eight-man crew”, Robert said. “With a normal 10 kip system, set-up of the frames would have taken six days per floor. This took us four days, and one of the days we had to stop early because of weather.”

Built-in Safety
MEVA32 features dedicated tie off points welded in to the frame for optimal worker safety and other features that are not typical of the standard systems offered by others. Mr. Case advised: “The tie offs are important because you have a dedicated place to tie off to. You can tie off to the top of other systems, but when you must reach somewhere you slide. With MEVA32, you can reach out without sliding”.  The frames also feature treading on the top of each cross bar. “The grip for your feet really helps so you don’t slip”.

“...this is the best frame I’ve ever used”
C&C Industrial has been highly satisfied with their experience as the debut MEVA32 project. “I would use this system again ten times over”, said Robert. “I have told everyone that from here on out, this is the only system I want to use for our shoring projects…this is the best frame I’ve ever used”.