Experts rely on expertise

The exhaust technology specialist Boysen is building a new flagship production facility in Simmersfeld, Germany

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • New construction of a production and storage building
  • Architect
    • Architektur Schneider, Rohrdorf, Germany
  • Principal
    • BNS Boysen Nutzfahrzeug Systeme
  • Contractor
    • Ed. Züblin AG
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme, Haiterbach

Safe ascent in the shoring tower

In the Swabian town of Simmersfeld the Boysen Group is building a new production facility for truck exhaust technology. The new factory will have a total surface area of more than 46,000 m² for production and storage purposes, and is thus the largest factory in the group to date. 

However, as the future flagship production facility, the building stands out not only due to its enormous size but also because of its unusual architecture – a large project that really does require formwork expertise. 

Flexible with MevaFlex and MT 60
The high ceilings of the stairwells as well as the machine and staff rooms were supported using the MT 60 shoring tower system. In view of the architectural requirements on the slabs, the Stuttgart office of the construction company Ed. Züblin AG decided to use MevaFlex formwork for this project. The formwork’s high degree of flexibility enabled the curved slab edge and the slab surface areas, which increase with every storey, to be superbly implemented, as the position of the beams and props was not predetermined by the formwork system used. Hence, even floor plans that vary in length and width can be implemented as required. 

Impressive fresh-concrete pressure capacity
It was possible to form the inward-facing supporting wall of the building with Mammut 350 wall formwork with cycle lengths of 15 m over the entire height of 8.50 m. Due to the substantial fresh-concrete pressure of such high formwork, the Mammut 350 with its fresh-concrete pressure rating of 100 kN/m² was literally predestined for this task. The use of large-format formwork panels simplified the formwork tasks immensely. Using Mammut 350 inside corners and horizontal wall formwork panels, a 0.75 m high support for trough slabs was created at the upper end of the support wall. The entire wall formwork was supported at a height above 6 m by Triplex push-pull props. The modular SecuritBasic safety system guaranteed that the work could be performed safely and comfortably. 

Safe ascent in the shoring tower
The MT 60 shoring tower system was also used to support semi-precast slabs that were installed at heights up to 13.70 m. The MT 60 towers can be adapted to suit almost any height, and thanks to their integrated safety access ladders allow effortless and safe work to be carried out even at great heights. This was an important criterion, as for safety reasons the customer wanted to perform the work at the construction site without using ladders. A total of 120 shoring towers were used.

Harmony in the tie hole pattern 
As a visible element inside the building, the high-quality concrete of the support wall is a convincing solution thanks to the use of alkus all-plastic facings. The optimum layout of the Mammut 350 panels ensured a harmonious tie hole and joint pattern. Architect Matthias Schneider was full of praise for the joint effort and is very pleased with the result: “The targets were achieved superbly and I am very satisfied.”