Schalungs-systeme verbunden durch Schalschlösser mit montierten Ankerstabhaltern

30-metre long firewall in Sanem, Luxembourg

The construction of firewalls using concrete formwork is a regular task for many construction companies, but even when performing this almost daily work, new challenges crop up time and time again. The height and width of the wall as well as the time required, for example, are important factors here.

Data & Facts

  • Project
    Industrial building, Sanem (LUX)
  • Contractor
    SOLID S.A.
  • Formwork Engineering 
    MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Schalungs-systeme verbunden durch Schalschlösser mit montierten Ankerstabhaltern

Mammut XT convinces with single-sided tying

In the Luxembourg town of Sanem these variables were taken to extremes: A 30-metre long firewall with 15-metre high sides that slope in to meet at an acute angle in the middle at a height of 18 metres similar to a gable wall had to be poured in only two weeks. 


Two cycles in one week

The construction company SOLID S.A. accepted this challenge. “Time schedule was very tight indeed,” says foremen Andreas Rikowski. “But thanks to the Mammut XT, we had a clear benefit and were able to complete two cycles in only one week.” With the large-format Mammut XT panels, the entire wall was poured in only three cycles, each with a length of 10 metres. Up to five panels of the 3.5-metre high wall formwork were assembled one on top of the other and supplemented with smaller panels as required. Thanks to the fresh-concrete pressure capacity of 100 kN/m², it was possible to pour the full height in only one cycle.


Significantly quicker

In addition, the wall formwork’s numerous features played a decisive role here, as Mammut XT’s integrated combination tie hole makes it possible to flexibly select between three tying methods, single-sided tying with or without plastic tube and, as usual, two-sided tying with plastic tube. “We chose the single-sided method with the XT taper tie. At this height all we needed was a working scaffold to install the tie rods easily and quickly,” explains Rikowski. Shorter distances thus speed up the construction work significantly. In addition, the tie rod fixtures and assembly lock holders simplify the logistics on the construction site. 

Verzinktes Wandschalungssystem Mammut XT und das Schrägabastützungsystem Triplex.