Glamorous touch added to airport

Specially designed formwork for paired architectural concrete columns in Frankfurt

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Paired circular columns, Frankfurt Airport, Germany
  • Principal
    • Fraport AG, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • Contractor
    • Anton Schick GmbH + Co. KG, Bad Kissingen, Germany
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Haiterbach, Germany

Tinted architectural concrete – all in one pour

The new terminal project currently on site at Frankfurt Airport excels with an architectural splendour that is evident down to the last detail and manifest in the paired architectural concrete columns cast with custom-designed MEVA formwork.

In the formidable field of special designs, MEVA has earned itself a global reputation as an expert and service partner. The assemblies, frequently a combination of standard and special parts, are designed for cost-effectiveness, long-term performance, and supreme concrete quality. They are built of wood, steel or aluminium and may be fitted with alkus all-plastic facings for the best fair-faced concrete results.

As with all unique creations, meticulous preparation is paramount. On this project, MEVA's specialists designed a formwork solution for paired columns that are linked at the top by a narrower lintel. The first step was to produce a sample, which was duly accepted by airport operator Fraport AG. Project contractor Anton Schick GmbH + Co. KG, which is building the two large passenger piers (H and J) for the new Terminal 3, then awarded the contract for the formwork.

Tinted architectural concrete – all in one pour
Pier H required the construction of 27 paired circular columns, 5.00 m (16.4 ft.) tall and 2.10 m (6.8 ft.) wide, plus two more with a height of 3.95 m (12.9 ft.), all in tinted concrete. The specified SB2-grade fair-faced concrete was surpassed by the finished columns, which achieved SB3 quality. The solution was based on rented Circo 300/65 column formwork with 3.00 m (9.8 ft.) tall, 0.65 m (2.1 ft.) diameter semi-circular units and Circo 100/65 for vertical extension. Designed with a fresh concrete load capacity of 120 kN/m² (2,500 psf), it also met the requirement for casting the columns in a single pour. The 1.90 m (6.2 ft) tall, 2.34 m (7.6 ft) wide special assemblies, weighing over 800 kg (1,760 lbs), were simply joined up with the Circo units on site. All components were cathode-dip-coated for corrosion resistance and allowed quick cleaning for reuse.

The result – all of a piece
"MEVA's special formwork enabled us to cast the paired columns on time and in the required quality without any problems," reports the Contract ­Planning department of Anton Schick GmbH + Co. KG., which collaborated closely with MEVA throughout.


Photos © Anton Schick