Hand-set formwork and high pressure

Ideal solutions for a naval shipyard with AluFix and Mammut 350

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Osborne South Development Project, Adelaide (AUS)
  • Contractor
    • Mitcon
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Formwork Systems and ­Novatec Formwork Systems, ­Adelaide, Australia

Fast cycles with excellent results

As part of the Osborne Naval Shipyard near the Australian City of Adelaide, the Osborne South Development Project is currently under construction. The work includes the construction of new production facilities. During construction, the company responsible for formwork, Mitcon, and the MEVA partner Novatec Formwork Systems, utilised a suite of MEVA products.

Starting with the foundations of the new facilites, the focus was on high quality and simple handling. With the lightweight AluFix hand-set formwork from MEVA, the construction company Mitcon relied on a light and flexible system. The 1.5 m high formwork panels for the foundations were quickly set up by hand. Thanks to their low weight and ergonomic grip profiles, the formwork allowed for simple handling.

Hand-set formwork relocated together with alignment rails
Once the lightweight formwork had been set up by hand in the first step, further smart solutions were employed due to the large building layouts with up to 17,000 m². For example, several alignment rails were attached to the multi-function profiles of the AluFix system. Assembly was simple thanks to the use of just one part – the flange screw, which was screwed into the existing thread to produce a non-positive connection. The alignment rails first of all helped to align the formwork during the first cycle and subsequently made it easier to move large units by crane. It was thus possible to transport the panels quickly from one location to the next on the construction site.

Praise for MEVA systems
Site manager Luke Pertini is satisfied with the process and is full of praise for the manual handling of the AluFix panels as well as the ability to simply and quickly attach accessories. He says the following about the subsequent work using the large-format industrial formwork Mammut 350: “At this construction site we used self-compacting concrete. The formwork withstands high pressures easily, allowing us to work efficiently with fast production cycles.”

Fast cycles with excellent results
The Mammut 350 wall formwork was used to build a number of walls of great thickness, height and length. The high fresh-concrete pressure capacity of 100 kN­/­m² enabled the 7 m high and up to 1 m wide walls to be poured quickly. As all Mammut 350 panels can be used both horizontally and vertically, it was possible to optimally adapt the formwork to suit different geometries. Furthermore, as the alkus all-plastic facing was fitted in the panels as standard, the construction company Mitcon was able to achieve excellent concrete finishes on this project, with all stakeholders ­extremely happy with the final product.


  Photos © KTP Pty Ltd