Inspiring all-rounder

Perth Formworks uses AluFix hand-set formwork for walls and slabs

Data & Facts

  • Projects
    • Various projects with AluFix wall formwork
  • Contractor
    • Perth Formworks PTY LTD
  • MEVA system
    • Wall formwork & slab formwork AluFix
  • Engineering and support
    • Novatec Formwork Systems

Great experience with AluFix wall formwork

Already a staple product since its recent acquisition and first use on construction sites, the lightweight, crane-independent AluFix hand-set formwork has met with an enthuastic response from the building contractor Troy Dott at Perth Formworks, a long-time customer of Novatec Formwork Systems.

In 2019, the company from Australia’s west coast expanded its portfolio with the lightweight AluFix hand-set formwork – and is then as now completely convinced. “AluFix is now used in most of our projects and has completely changed our method of construction. What a great product,” Troy Dott states.

“Our most versatile formwork system is AluFix as it can be used in walls and slabs. It is a great product to work with.“ Troy Dott, building contractor, Perth Formworks.

The easy manual handling, quick assembly and easy transport have impressed Troy and his team. Above all, the standard alkus all-plastic panel – durable, repairable, nailable. It does not swell or shrink. This allows the user to achieve excellent results and meet exposed concrete ­requirements even after 1,000 uses. Troy Dott: “This system has cut costs compared to our conventional timber and plywood.”

Trouble-free corner solutions
The wide element range, with heights from 350 to 135 cm and six widths, is designed to meet the world‘s individual requirements and provides trouble-free corner solutions for any wall thickness. Fast concreting is made possible with the high full-surface fresh concrete pressure absorption of 50 kN/m².

The lightweight elements with ergonomic grip profiles ensure strength-saving working, crane-free transport and fast construction progress. The robust, closed aluminium profile has a high-grade powder-coated finish, making it impact- and scratch-resistant and easy to clean due to low concrete adhesion. Accessories such as brackets, push-pull props and alignment rails are simply attached to the functional struts with welded-in DW-15 nuts using the MEVA flange screw.

AluFix is a real all-rounder in residential construction, commercial construction, civil engineering, urban and infrastructure construction, gardening and landscaping. The experienced building contractor Troy Dott summarises the advantages as well as the practical experiences on construction sites: “Our most versatile formwork system is AluFix as it can be used in walls and slabs. It is a great product to work with.”