MEVA's formwork systems during the construction of a tunnel in Hong Kong

Liantang tunnel project with single-sided climbing solution for gravity walls

Gravity walls to the tunnel entrance, up to 14 m high,poured using a single-sided adaptation of the MGC guided climbing system and Mammut 350 wall panels.

Data & Facts

  • Project 

    4.8 km long Liantang tunnel for border crossing point Liantang/ Heung Yuen Wai

  • Owner 

    Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR Government (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) Contractor Dragages Hong Kong Ltd.

  • MEVA Systems 

    Wall formwork system Mammut 350 with 100 kN/m² concrete pressure capacity, All-plastic facing alkus, Rail-guided climbing system MGC (guided climbing)

  • Engineering and support 

    MEVA Formwork-Systems, Haiterbach, Germany

Wall formwork with attached safety system.

New Connections in Hong Kong

Bouygues subsidiary Dragages Hong Kong is building the new two-tube motorway tunnel that is part of the new border crosspoint Liantang/ Heung Yuen Wai project between Hong Kong and China. Once completed, the tunnel will be Hong Kong’s longest road tunnel.

A two-lane main connecting motorway running through the 4.8 km long Liantang tunnel leads from the Fanling intersection to the new Sha Tau Kok interchange. Administrative buildings and ventilation facilities are part of the ambitious building project.

Single-sided climbing under extreme conditions

MEVA engineers faced a big challenge on the gravity walls leading to the entrance of the tunnel: For reasons of speed, these were to be climbed. Climbing 14 m high walls and anchoring into bedrock proved to be the really tricky part. The rail-guided climbing system MGC was modified to cater for this single-sided approach, including a unique anchoring and bracketing technique to handle the exceptional pressures of fast, high concrete pours. That solved, the next challenge was to integrate the safety and speed of railguided climbing with the constraints of single-sided pours and, in addition, enable the formwork on the climbing platforms to be moved back and forth by carriage. The Mammut 350 wall formwork’s load capacity of 100 kN/m² allows for any pour speed up to a height of 4 m regardless of concrete type and temperature when used on double-sided walls. Here, the strength of the Mammut 350 system allows Dragages to cast up to 3 m high singlesided pours

The rail-guided climbing system by MEVA in combination with Mammut 350 wall formwork.
Tunnel expansion with MEVA formwork systems.