Mammut XT on the rise

Convincing fair-faced concrete results in Austria

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Single-family house in exposed concrete, Gießhübl (AUT)
  • Client
    • Private owner
  • Building contractor
    • Ing. Röck GmbH
  • MEVA systems
  • Planning and supervision
    • MEVA Formwork Systems Ges.m.b.H., Pfaffstätten, Austria

Mammut XT excellently suited

A single-family house, one requirement: impeccable fair-faced concrete results. A modern single-family house is being built in Gießhübl, Austria. The special feature: exposed concrete all around and a precisely coordinated anchor and joint pattern. This calls MEVA to the scene.

The new Mammut XT wall formwork offers numerous advantages to the responsible construction company Ing. Röck GmbH. The closed frame profile ensures high stability and easy cleaning, the numerous functional struts with welded-in DW-15 nuts allow for quick connection of accessories, and then, of course, there is the clever combi tie point that allows to choose between three tie methods with just one movement. 

The decisive advantage
The decisive advantage in this project, however, was above all the symmetrical internal tie points. This applies to both upright, horizontal and combined applications. Thus, the new wall formwork from MEVA convinced in its first application in Austria. 

Mammut XT excellently suited
"We worked with the Mammut XT here for the first time. The new system is interesting," says foreman Franz-Siegfried Körbler and praises the size grid: "The 3.50 m high elements were excellently suited for the job. We got a lot of continuous straight joints during concreting. It looks really good." 

Outside as well as inside - SB3
The requirement to achieve a symmetrical tie and joint pattern was critical on this construction project. "The concrete walls remain visible on the outside and inside," explains site manager Heinz Kogler. "Therefore, good exposed concrete results were also required throughout the house." The exposed concrete class SB3 set the bar high in this respect. A modern lightweight concrete with good insulating properties was used for the exterior walls, which are around 50 cm wide, so that no further insulating materials were required and the concrete surfaces remain visible on both sides. 

Exposed concrete in series
Equipped as standard with the alkus solid plastic sheet, the Mammut XT delivered high-quality concrete results in this application. The polypropylene formlining is UV-resistant, so that no discoloration occurs even after several uses. Unlike panels made of wood, the material does not swell or shrink, is easy to clean and can still be nailed like wood. 

Goal achieved
The formwork was convincing and the result is impressive. "If the owner is satisfied, so are we," says site manager Heinz Kogler with pride. "MEVA has done a great job: The planning was flawless, and with the new wall formwork we achieved our goal in the best possible way." A successful start for Mammut XT in Austria.