Mammut XT wall formwork

Mammut XT plays to its strengths

Efficiency and time-saving during the new construction of a care centre in Norway

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Biri Omsorgssenter, Norway
  • Principal
    • Gjøvik kommune, Norway
  • Contractor
    • Betonmast Innlandet AS, Norway
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • Maxbo Teknikk, Norway
Mammut XT wall formwork

The workers at Betonmast Innlandet are convinced of the advantages of Mammut XT.

The use of the single-sided tying system of the high-performance wall formwork system Mammut XT with the clever XT taper tie pays off during the construction of a care centre in Norway. MEVA sales partner Maxbo Teknikk delivered the material and advised the construction company.

The building with its – typically Scandinavian – clear, simple and functional architectural design is in reality a solid-wood passive house. The eye-catcher of the “Omsorgssenters Biri” is, however, a 18-metre-wide and 12-metre-high main concrete wall that is set back slightly on the left-hand side. The rocky site close to the Olympic town of Lillehammer (1994 Winter Olympics) was difficult to develop and only accessible via a bridge. This required a solution that was reliable and as easy to handle as possible. That was why the Mammut XT system was used.

The building with a usable area of 5,000 m² commissioned by the municipality of Gjøvik brought the strengths of the clever formwork system with the MEVA combination tie hole to the fore: high level of efficiency, flexibility, simple logistics and time-saving. Depending on the requirements and wall thickness, it is possible to tie from one side or from two sides – without time-consuming installation of additional parts on the panels. The rotating sphere of the fully integrated, flush tie hole in the frame can be switched from the sleeve position to the thread position and back again with a flick of the wrist. It is thus possible to select flexibly between three tying methods: two-sided (conventional), single-sided with XT tie rod DW 20 and plastic tube or single-sided with the practical XT taper tie without plastic tube.

Single-sided tying with XT taper tie without plastic tube is predestined for the construction of walls with large surface areas such as those required by the Omsorgssenter Biri. Jo Sandum, plant manager at Betonmast Innlandet, explains: “For this project we had to rely on the unique Mammut XT tying solution. The compact system provided us with a lot of space during the excavation work and on the construction site.” The tying was performed simply from a pre-assembled platform scaffold on the final-formwork side. On the initial-formwork side, however, no scaffold was necessary. Here, the formwork with a height of more than 12 metres was secured with Triplex heavy-duty props. “This work, which is normally a two-man job, could thus be performed by just a single worker.”

The concrete construction work was completed on time and to the expected high quality. The fresh-concrete pressure capacity across the entire surface of 100 kN/m² and the large panel sizes (up to 350 x 250 cm = 8.75 m²) also made a significant contribution. “The robustness of the Mammut XT system saved us a lot of time during the concreting operations”, reports Jo Sandum. The simple handling ensured a high level of safety during formwork assembly and stripping, for example due to the clever multi-function profile with welded-in Dywidag nuts. It allows non-positive attachment of all accessories such as scaffold brackets, push-pull props and alignment rails with the MEVA flange screw.

The care home should be completed on time before Christmas and will be heated using solar collectors as well as through heat stored in the rock (by means of heat pumps). Modern technologies were also used on the construction site: an electrically powered excavator for the earthmoving work – and, of course, the efficient and cost-effective Mammut XT system for the formwork tasks.


Photos © Maxbo Teknikk