Many tasks – one formwork

AluFix in use for walls, slabs, balconies, shafts and architectural concrete

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • New multi-family house, Neufra-Riedlingen, Germany
  • Contractor
    • Brul-Bau UG, Riedlingen, Germany
  • MEVA systems
    • AluFix wall formwork system
    • Props 20/300
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Haiterbach, Germany

AluFix for walls and shafts

When walls need to be poured in existing buildings, during conversions or in confined spaces, the lightweight, easy-to-handle AluFix system is used regularly. During the construction of a multi-family house in southern Germany this formwork proved that it can achieve much more besides.

In Neufra-Riedlingen, where the young, narrow Danube meanders through meadows and forests, a multi-family house was built with a gross floor area of around 300 m² and two 2.75 m high storeys. In order to complete the project in the specified time and to the specified quality, the construction company responsible, Brul-Bau, required remarkably little formwork material. Only 165 m² of AluFix panels, 300 props 20/300 and AluFix prop heads were transported by MEVA to the construction site for the construction of the concrete building shell. Thanks to straightforward logistics and simple handling with few parts, the workers achieved rapid construction progress.

AluFix for walls and shafts
The AluFix panels are even lighter than plastic formwork, and at the same time they are exceedingly durable and require fewer connecting elements. Furthermore, the ergonomic grip profiles contribute to the simple handling. This enabled the walls of the residential building to be formed effortlessly, quickly and, even in wet conditions, safely. Due to the optimum range of panels with six widths ranging from 20 to 90 cm and heights from 135 to 350 cm, AluFix is the ideal solution for trouble-free corner solutions for every wall thickness and for smaller concrete surfaces such as small garden or retaining walls. The unproblematic creation of the residential building’s atria underscores the versatility of this formwork. With a permissible fresh-concrete pressure capacity over the entire surface of 50 kN/m² and the strong, torsionally rigid aluminium profile, AluFix is extremely resilient and enables optimum results to be achieved when performing practically all tasks involved in craneless residential construction. 

AluFix as slab formwork
Depending on the panel size and the type of support, slabs with a thickness up to 46 cm can be poured using AluFix. MEVA props and AluFix prop heads can be firmly connected to the lightweight formwork panels in just a few simple steps. At the point of intersection of four panels, or at the joint of two panels located at the slab edge, a robust, painted cast AF prop head is installed on each MEVA prop and simply secured with a pin. The prop heads enclose the panel profile. This enabled Brul-Bau to quickly and safely form a total of 500 m² of slab in the residential building as well as the balconies.

AluFix for architectural concrete
With the alkus all-plastic facing fitted as standard, the Brul-Bau construction workers achieved high-quality results throughout – right through to a 4.6 m high retaining wall in architectural concrete quality. The AluFix system also proved convincing in other aspects of its handling: The closed aluminium profile with a high-quality cured powder-coated finish enables quick and resource-conserving cleaning. Due to its durability and lasting high quality – including a 7-year long-term warranty on the alkus facing – the popular MEVA formwork promises its owner a long period without having to worry about high secondary costs or the need to invest in replacements.