MEVA32: perfect fit

Riverside Crossing Park project in Dublin, OH

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Riverside Crossing Park, Dublin, OH
  • Principal
    • Lithko Contracting, LLC, Columbus, OH
  • MEVA systems
    • MEVA32 shoring system
    • MevaLite wall formwork
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Formwork Systems Inc., Springfield, OH

The flexible MEVA32 shoring system allowed quick progression through the set-up phase

Lithko Columbus is currently completing the multi-phase Riverside Crossing Park project in Dublin OH, which is utilizing the MEVA32 shoring system for the Pavilion and Plaza levels. The overall Riverside Drive initiative has witnessed the addition of numerous hotels, apartment complexes, retail locations, restaurants, and community spaces. MEVA previously worked with Lithko Columbus on several multi-use buildings in that area utilizing Imperial and MevaLite formwork.

During the planning stages of the Riverside Crossing Park project, the MEVA US sales team worked closely with Lithko Columbus to address the unique architectural design challenges and multi-structure sequencing. The fact that MEVA32 offers an 8 ft (243.8 cm) frame allowed Lithko Columbus to reduce the number of shoring frames used on site, which decreased the manpower required for erection and dismantling. Thanks to the thicker slabs and altering slopes and elevations, a higher capacity system was required, making MEVA32 the perfect fit.

Aaron Fritsche, the site superintendent, had this to say about their use of MEVA32, “The overall weight capacity of the frames allowed us to utilize less manpower and move quickly through the set-up phase. Utilizing less product reduced the space needed on an already restrictive job site. We look forward to using MEVA32 on future projects.”

In the next phase of the Riverside Crossing Park project, MevaLite will be used for the unique water features and other ancillary structures. MEVA US is excited to continue our long working relationship with Lithko Columbus.

Project statistics:
16.61 acres on east side – 19.68 acres on west side
Project includes Bridge Landing, Lower Plaza, Upper Plaza, and Community Pavilion
Special features: Water walls and planter boxes
Pavilion will feature a live roof of native ­vegetation