Monongahela Railroad

Successful restoration of the Hazelwood Round House with MEVA32

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Monongahela Railroad Round House, Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
  • Contractors
    • PJ Dick Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
  • MEVA systems
    • MEVA32 shoring system
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Formwork Systems Inc., Springfield, Ohio

Restoration of the Hazelwood Round House

As the train hauling iron ore slowly pulls into the Hazelwood Roundhouse, steam billows from the engine as the locomotive comes to a halt...

Built by the Monongahela Railroad Company, the Hazelwood Round House and Turntable, located in the city of Pittsburgh PA, was constructed in 1887. The building was used to stabilize and move train engines and materials to support a growing steel industry throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

In 2017, the local architectural firm, GBBN, was selected to oversee the renovation and redesign of the 134-year-old brick build. When completed, the renovated building will be the new home of Global Silicon Valley Labs, whose mission is to support entrepreneurs while fostering innovation around the world through their online innovation platforms.

The renovation presented several challenges, including replacing portions of the roof, removing an area of the building that had collapsed, and finally installing a 7,000 sq ft 12” elevated concrete slab constructed inside the historic building.

According to Andy Blasco, Superintendent for PJ Dick Corporation who is overseeing the renovation project, the MEVA32 aluminum shoring system was selected because of the reduced weight of the frame. Weighing only 49 lbs, MEVA32 allowed construction staff to carry the system in and out of the building by hand. Andy also commented that MEVA32 offered PJ Dick flexibility when facing the challenge of erecting shoring up against the existing radius wall inside the building. Due to the limited space inside the historic building, MEVA32 allowed for a 30% reduction in the number of shoring towers thanks to the 16 kip per leg system.

Rather building a new concrete structure or accepting the challenge of a restoration project, MEVA32 continues to offer the contractor both labor and freight savings when compared to the competition.