On-the-fly changeover on 27th storey

MAC replaces existing climbing system and speeds up operations by 60%

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Garden Towers apartment building, Makati, Manila, Philippines
  • Principal
    • Ayala Land Premier
  • Contractor
    • Makati Development Corporation
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme Asia Pacific Far East

Flexibility for site operations

A 63-floor apartment building is currently under construction in Makati, the financial centre of Metropolitan Manila. At first sight, the project poses no major challenges: for MEVA, the MAC climbing system is a standard solution deployed on projects in Asia and elsewhere. Assembly of the system on the 27th storey, on the other hand, is anything but standard practice.

“We'd never had an enquiry like this before,” says Mark Rose, Region Director Asia Pacific & Far East. “With work on the site in full swing, project contractor MDC (Makati Development Corporation) contacted us to ask if MEVA could complete the building with the MAC automatic climbing system.” Although this on-the-fly changeover in mid-project required some additional effort, MDC was willing to take the bold step as the existing climbing system was unable to meet the specified deadlines.

MDC opts for MAC
This is not the first time that MEVA has partnered MDC: the MAC automatic climbing system is being used on another project near Garden Tower 2 in Makati (see FormworkPress VI/2018). “MDC is clearly convinced of the MAC system's merits,” says an upbeat Mark Rose. “Otherwise, the project managers would hardly have taken the risk of replacing the entire system in mid-project.” 

Fine-tuning on site
As Joshua Seeping from MEVA's on-the-spot support team knows, such a changeover naturally involves a certain amount of time and effort: “But the switch from the previous system necessitated only minimal adjustments for the MAC system to meet the existing specifications. Our experienced MAC specialist Ang Teong Haw was on site to sort everything out and ensure that the system was up and running in the shortest possible time.” 

Flexibility for site operations
After preassembly of the inner and outer formwork, the installed system provided for three-way adjustment of the Mammut 350 wall formwork panels. This guarantees the necessary flexibility for adaptations and fine-tuning as the works proceed. 

All-weather working
The MEVA system also received a warm response from MDC's site operatives – and not only because of its speed. As Joshua Seeping points out, “they particularly praised the high safety standards offered by MAC.” The climbing system's fully enclosed housing, complete with fall protection and wind screening, means guaranteed safety at elevated work locations. Weather-independent working is another key benefit. 

More than twice as fast
Since installation of the MAC system in conjunction with 425 m² of Mammut 350 wall formwork, operations have proceeded apace. And the system has exceeded expectations. The original target was to complete each of the 3.15 m tall storeys in 12 days instead of the 18 needed by the previous system. In fact, MAC now enables the team to finish each storey in only eight days – thereby achieving time savings of 60%.

Convincing quality
The customer is also impressed by the high quality of the work. “The concrete surfaces of the lift wells are much better than before and the precision of the MAC system allows full control of the final dimensions and tolerances of the finished concrete. Vertical alignments of the core walls are therefore also much improved - a big plus for highrise structures with high-performance lift systems,” explains Mark Rose. “And all these benefits are compounded by MEVA's unparalleled safety standards.” Besides the faster progress and significant gains in safety, MDC has benefited from another factor that significantly boosts efficiency on site: the MAC system required around 70% less labour for rebar installation than the solution previously used on this project.

Vibrant living environment
The Garden Tower 2 project is part of a major scheme to remodel the Ayala Center, which is located at the heart of Makati between Ayala Avenue and Arnaiz Avenue. Together, the Garden Tower 1 and Garden Tower 2 high-rises will offer some 9,000 m² of apartment space. Hotel complexes with restaurants, leisure and shopping facilities, and ample green spaces, are also under construction in the immediate neighbourhood, which will effectively become a small town within the city. The works are scheduled for completion in April 2020.