Quick and flexible adaptation of MAC

Building a new hotel in Perth with automatic climbing formwork

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • 900 Hay Street Hotel, Perth (AUS)
  • Principal
    • 900 Hay Street
  • Contractor
    • JAXON Construction, Formwork by SVG Structures
  • MEVA systems
    • MAC automatic climbing system
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Formwork Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore and Novatec Formwork Systems, Australia

Teamwork based on partnership

In Western Australia the city of Perth attracts a great many visitors due to its culture and social events. For this reason, a new hotel has been built near the well-known Swan River to offer guests a pleasant stay.

When the new hotel is completed, the high-rise building with 27 storeys and 250 rooms will provide space for a large number of guests. However, the building site itself was significantly less spacious due to its confined location in the city centre. 

Teamwork based on partnership
In the first instance, this required efficient logistical solutions. Together with JAXON Construction, the construction company SVG Structures was responsible for the formwork tasks for the new hotel and relied on the cooperation with MEVA and Novatec Formwork Systems, MEVA’s dealer in Australia. 

Ideal solutions and short lead time
SVG project manager John Donnellan: “The lead time for planning, delivery and installation of the climbing system was not particularly long. Furthermore, the space available on the construction site was relatively limited. Nevertheless, the experts from MEVA and Novatec supported us at all times with the best logistical and technical solutions, thus ensuring that the project was a complete success.”

Comprehensive workplace safety
MEVA’s automatic climbing system MAC was used to climb the high-rise core. This system saves valuable crane time through hydraulic climbing, and thanks to the enclosed work platforms, enables not only construction scheduling that is independent of the weather conditions but also guarantees comprehensive workplace safety. 

MAC adapted individually
As the MAC reflects all walls and shafts in the core, MEVA adapts the climbing system to the individual geometries at the construction site for every order. The Novatec team was able to implement additional requirements for this construction project on-site and coordinated the technical details with MEVA’s formwork experts. Thus, a 12-metre-high scaffold stairway was mounted on the inside of the climbing system in order to provide safe and comfortable access to the uppermost platform of the MAC from the lower slabs. 

Crane time saved
In order to transport formwork material, tools or building materials upwards from the lower floors, a crane rail complete with lifting equipment was suspended from the MAC climbing system. It was thus possible to save additional crane time, and the work on the construction site was able to progress even faster. 

Safe follow-up work
In addition, a fully enclosed external trailing platform was installed. This provided a safe platform from which to perform follow-up work on the storeys below during the ongoing formwork operations. This allowed the exposed fase of the core to have final coating applied during the construction. 

Convincing technical support
“Thanks to the MAC system, we were able to achieve quick cycle times and reduce the workload,” sums up John Donnellan. “MEVA and Novatec supported us from the installation of the MAC system right through to the end of the project and implemented all our specifications without a hitch.”