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MonoDec impresses on White Alpha scheme in India

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • White Alpha office buildings, ­Bangalore, India
  • Contractor
    • L&W Construction Pvt. Ltd., ­Bangalore
  • MEVA systems
    • MonoDec slab formwork
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA India

On this, its first deployment on the Indian subcontinent, MonoDec put in a convincing performance.

Whitefield, sometimes dubbed “India‘s Silicon Valley”, is a suburb of the megacity Bangalore. It is the birthplace of forward-looking ideas and technologies, where everything has to happen at lightning speed. The White Alpha development, for instance: two ten-storey office blocks for the IT industry. On this, its first deployment on the Indian subcontinent, MonoDec put in a convincing performance.

The ambitious timeframe, requiring completion of the structural works for the 10,000 m² project within seven months, demanded strict organisation. ­Clear-cut requirements were placed on the formwork products: they had to be quick and easy to use, and perform reliably. This prompted the distinguished contractor, L&W Construction, to deploy some 1,500 m² of MonoDec panels on what is the system‘s maiden project in India – an investment that immediately paid off.

After the operatives had quickly familiarised themselves with the formwork system, with its lightweight, easily manageable, though no less robust aluminium panels, work was soon in full swing. The 50 cm wide panels, with their practically sized 63.5 mm profile and weighing only 19.5 kg/m², allowed easy movement and assembly by a single operative. The panels are available in five lengths between 50 and 165 cm. The straightforward handling of the economical system helped to speed up progress on site. Its non-stop use to ensure successful completion of the first building proved a rigorous test, which it duly passed.

Drop-head technology for speed and convenient early stripping, made possible by the drop-head method, achieved considerable savings on the White Alpha site. After concreting, a few hammer blows against the drop head wedge rings suffice to lower the primary beams and panels by 10 cm. These can then be effortlessly removed and prepared for further deployment while the props continue to support the concrete slab. The drop-head method offers the additional advantage of requiring fewer beams and panels to be kept on site. The generous (150 x 180 cm) spacing of the props also provides workers with ample room to manoeuvre.

The cost-effective MonoDec slab formwork system caters for slab thicknesses between 20 and 44 cm while being 100 % recyclable and eco-friendly. It is resistant to corrosion, moisture and fungal attack, thereby guaranteeing a long service life. At the site in Whitefield, the rapid progress achieved through its continuous deployment paid enormous dividends. The buildings, each with three parking decks, a 4.2 m tall ground floor and six 4.05 m tall office floors, grew rapidly. Yet, straightforward assembly and stripping without expensive crane-age were not the only success factors: cleaning the formwork panels also required less time due to the reduced concrete adhesion. Moreover, the high quality of the concrete finish provided L&W ­Construction with the final proof that they had chosen the right formwork solution.