Quote: Faster and more Cost-Effective

Site management on “Kegelhof” project in Munich votes for cost-cutter MevaDec

Data & Facts

  • Owner
    • Public housing authority, Munich, Germany
  • Contractor
    • Zechbau GmbH, Munich branch
  • MEVA Systems
  • Formwork engineering
    • MEVA Formwork Systems, Munich

Construction Site of the Month

A typical city construction site in Munich where 38 residential units are being built on the site of the historic Kegelhof mill. The old building is being torn down and partly rebuilt.

The building site is cramped, the time schedule very tight. Every square metre of space and every minute of delivery have to be carefully planned. When deciding on the slab forming method, site management followed a simple but effective principle: The largest slab area costing the most in terms of inventory, labour and effort would point to the most suitable method. MevaDec won the contest because it requires the lowest inventory and is fastest in assembly and stripping. Filler areas are reduced to a below 20 cm, reducing costly and time-consuming site-built solutions. Importantly, there is simply no crane time available, so the formwork had to be a true hand-set system. The subcontractor needed to become familiar with it quickly and work fast with no assembly errors. Site manager Maximilian Postenrieder: “After only very brief training, the teams achieved very fast assembly times with ­MevaDec. We cover almost the entire slab with it, except for one large concrete beam in the underground parking lot and the filler areas. The 5 storeys of both buildings all have varying layouts which are quick and cost-effective to form with MevaDec. We use the drop head to strip early and quickly re-use the material on the next pour. This reduces on-site inventory and saves space, this was one of the most important criteria!”

Safety Inspectors give go ahead
Safety is a No. 1 priority. “Safety inspectors are on site every week to check that all safety regulations are being adhered to”, says deputy site manager Georg Klunker. “We use a safety harness to work on top of the formwork, lowering the panels into the beams from the top. This reduces effort, saves time and makes work flow easier to coordinate.”