Safe Climbing Solution: Fast Work on the Cores, Walls and Slabs

Al Mankhool Towers, Dubai: complete formwork solution with guided climbing system MGC, AluFix wall panels, STB 450 and Mammut 350

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Proposed mixed use high-rise complex, Mankhool, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE
  • Contractor
    • Al Naboodah Construction Group LLC, Dubai, UAE
  • MEVA Systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA KHK Formwork Systems, Dubai, UAE


Fast pours with MevaDec

Al Mankhool is located in western Dubai and crossed by Al Mankhool Road, also referred to as Bank Street.

A new landmark is rising in the form of a high-rise project consisting of 4 towers with 3 combined basement levels and a  ground floor in each tower. One tower will house a hotel on 28 floors and the other serviced apartments on 21 floors. There is also a residential tower with 28 and an office tower with 12 floors. The contractor chose state-of-the-art formwork technology for concrete works as a matter of policy in order to ensure both safety and speed as a matter of policy.

MEVA’s guided climbing system MGC for fast, safe crane lifts
The rail-guided MGC provides a safe working level and reducess crane time to only 90 minutes when lifting from floor to floor. Connections are fully adjustable, allowing the specified tolerances to be held accurately. On this site, the MGC platform is lifted by crane.

Expertise helps speed up work
The MEVA KHK engineers worked closely with the Al Naboodah Construction Group to ensure that design and delivery meet site requirements. All platforms and main components are assembled outside the critical path, enabling work to begin with no setup delay.

Easy core setup with AluFix
The MGC system carries MEVA’s leading hand-set wall formwork system to climb the cores and sheer walls. The panels are set entirely by hand, making work even faster. Assembly at ground level is simple and fast, again speeding up workflow on each lift.

Single-sided with Mammut 350 and support frame STB 450
Large retaining and basement walls substructures were poured using the support frames STB 300 and STB 450 together with MEVA’s flagship system Mammut 350, designed for fast, high pours with concrete pressure peaking at up to 100kN/m². The system’s largest panel (2.50 m x 3.50 m) covers a forming are of 8.75 m² and is easily ganged to cater for large pour sections on columns and walls. AluFix was used for smaller cores, columns and sheer walls.  

Fast pours with MevaDec
The slab system MevaDec mastered extensive slab pours. The cycles were planned and carried out so the pours could proceed without downtimes. The system’s drop heads allow for early stripping and fast material relocation. When the slab has set sufficiently, the panels and beams are removed and used for the next cycle. Only a few props are left for reshoring until the concrete has set completely.