Saving time with Mammut XT

Residential and commercial scheme currently on site in Schwoich/Tyrol

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Residential and commercial building, Schwoich, Austria
  • Contractor
    • Rieder Baugesellschaft m.b.H. & Co KG, Kufstein, Austria
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme Ges. m.b.H., Pfaffstätten, Austria

RIEDERBAU team are impressed by the merits of Mammut XT wall formwork.

After only a short familiarisation period, the RIEDERBAU team are impressed by the merits of Mammut XT wall formwork. Work on the residential development in Tyrol is proceeding to plan.

Nestling between the turquoise-green River Inn and the colossal Kaisergebirge mountains, the village of Schwoich near Kufstein is a wonderful place to live. It is here that RIEDERBAU is building an attractive, approx. 3,400 m² housing complex. The structural works for 16 high-spec units and a food store with bakery outlet are on track. "Everything's running smoothly and it's looking good," reports foreman Martin Moser. The future residents' new home, a 16 m tall complex with basement car park, 4.60 m tall ground floor and 2.70 m tall upper storeys, will be ready for occupation on time.

To build the walls, the well-known Tyrolean contractor opted to use the high-performance, cost-effective Mammut XT formwork system. The combi tie hole integrated in the formwork frame allows the flexible combination of three tying methods in a single smart system: one touch suffices for switching between one- and two-sided tying, with or without plastic tube. The team headed by site manager Lukas Hechenblaickner and foreman Martin Moser quickly familiarised itself with the use of the formwork, its unaccustomed internally or centrally positioned tie holes and, above all, the XT taper tie. This allows easy adaptation to the required wall thickness using spacer rings in 1 cm increments. Operations on the site in Schwoich are further simplified by the recurring 20 and 25 cm wall thicknesses on ground and upper floors. Once the thickness is set, the tie rods can be simply reused without any further adjustment. "Having separate boxes with ties set for the two wall thicknesses considerably shortens assembly times," explains Martin Moser. "Our operatives just need to reach into the right box."

Standard and special sizes
Mammut XT is ideal for large-panel construction with contact areas of up to 8.75 m² per panel (350/250). In addition to standard sizes, RIEDERBAU also deploys special, custom-ordered sizes of the versatile system, which caters for upright and horizontal panel positioning plus vertical extension. "The 300/250 and 300/125 panels are excellently suited for our residential contracts," says Martin Moser. "The 40, 45, 50 and 60 cm widths allow rapid, trouble-free adaptation. We are properly stocked up with all these sizes, which further speeds up progress on site."

The smart multi-function profile of the horizontally or vertically positioned Mammut XT panels provides for the attachment of tie rod fixtures for fast and safe transportation on site. Welded-in DW 15 nuts allow the quick and secure mounting of accessories with a single component: the flange screw. MEVA assembly locks, conveniently integrated into the cross-stiffeners of the 250 and 125 cm wide panels, additionally simplify site logistics. The hot-dip-galvanised frame and highly durable alkus all-plastic facing facilitate prompt, resource-efficient cleaning along with a consistently high-quality concrete finish. The system has a full-surface fresh concrete load capacity of 100 kN/m², which enables concreting operations to proceed rapidly.

It also allows the simple and reliable on-ground preassembly of several panels into large formwork units, a feature exploited by the team in Schwoich to build the 4.60 m tall walls. Particularly when casting high, large-area walls, use of the single-­sided tying method with preset XT taper ties pays major dividends. In Martin Moser's words, "The system simplifies our work and achieves significant time savings."