Formwork systems on a construction site

SecuritBasic: Safety First

The high walls of the new Novartis production facilities are poured using the Mammut 350 wall formwork.

Data & Facts


  • Project 

    Novartis NPH NLSF, Stein, Switzerland

  • Contractor (and Architects) 

    Erne AG Bauunternehmung, Laufenburg, Switzerland

  • MEVA Systems 

    wall formwork Mammut 350, safety System SecuritBasic with slip-free Aluminium corrugated sheet, MEVA FormSet safety mesh

  • Formwork Engineering 

    MEVA Schalungs-Systeme, Seon, Switzerland

Mammut wall formwork with the SecuritBasic safety system.

SecuritBasic: Safety First

SecuritBasic is a complete, modular safety system for all of today’s MEVA wall systems EcoAs, AluFix, AluStar, StarTec and Mammut 350.

Different equipment configurations
SecuritBasic is available in four Equipment configurations – depending on requirements and preferences. They
range from the simple wooden planking all the way to the comfortable, non-slip corrugated aluminium sheet.
Platform lengths from 1.25 to 2.50 m allow you to adapt to the formwork setup easily and flexibly. Comfortable
and , safe working conditions are provided by the platform‘s 75 cm width. The system includes working
platform, back and front guard railing, side railing access hatch with ladder, inside corner platform and compensation platform.

Free choice of planking
You have the choice between jobbuilt wooden planking, prefabricated wooden planking or a prefabricated non-slip corrugated a aluminium sheet which is available with or without integrated access hatch and ladder.

Easy assembly and handling
SecuritBasic is assembled safely on the ground and moved as a complete unit together with the formwork in a single crane lift. That saves assembly time and keeps workflow smooth. All that is required to erect and lift the unit is a lifting arm and a standard crane hook.

Attach to multi-function profile
As with all accessories, SecuritBasic is attached to the multi-function profile‘s welded-in Dywidag nut. This unique MEVA feature means you need no addon attachments or clumsy parts that could slip away. Work becomes easier, safer and faster.

Brace frames attached to the back
Brace frames are attached to the back of the platform, i.e. the planking is not interrupted, avoiding stumbling
and tripping obstacles, and optimising worker safety. Another benefit is that multi-function profiles remain free for other attachments.

Construction workers use Mammut wall formwork with the SecruitBasic security system.
MEVA Mammut wall formwork with the SecuritBasic safety system.