Simply flexible with MevaDec

New slab formwork simplifies construction of a parking deck in Denmark

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Apollovej parking deck, Vanløse (DK)
  • Contractor
    • EMR Murer & Entreprenør A/S (DK)
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Denmark, Køge

MevaDec plays to its strengths

The new MevaDec generation stands out due to rapid reusability, simple handling, flexibility and optimised on-site material requirements. EMR Murer & Entreprenør A/S was convinced of these benefits during the construction of a parking deck.

The slab of the single-storey parking deck presented a number of challenges due to the limited space in the built-up area in the suburbs of Copenhagen. With numerous columns and inclined walls, a labyrinthine floor plan and, in some cases, sloping surfaces, this project was an ideal candidate to put the new slab formwork from MEVA through its paces. The 50 cm thick slab was poured in three cycles due to the partly sloping surfaces. Construction began with the sloping section of the slab, which dropped down from a height of 256 cm to 238 cm.

The weight-optimised MevaDec system with closed, robust aluminium profiles in conjunction with the new grip openings and the ergonomic design of the inner profiles provided for easy handling. The 160 x 80 cm panel mainly used on this construction site weighs only 16 kg/m². This contributed just as much to the low-fatigue and quick assembly as the option to install the panel from both above and below. In addition, the popular panel format covers almost all requirements.

MevaDec does not need to adhere to a fixed grid pattern. This makes it possible to adapt the formwork flexibly and smoothly to suit every building geometry and slab thickness. The assembly direction can be flexibly and easily changed by mounting one primary beam into another. An advantage that proved its worth due to the minimised filler areas involved in this project in Denmark with its irregular floor plan and many necessary columns. This resulted in time savings and the use of less material, thus lowering the costs. On the construction site in Copenhagen’s Vanløse district, primary beams with a length of 210 cm were used. The high-quality, galvanized and robust EuMax props were used to guarantee safety and provide stability. The system’s predefined prop spacing ensures that the formwork can be installed safely and that no unnecessary props and system components need to be kept in stock and installed.

Although there was no time pressure between the individual pouring cycles, the EMR Murer & Entreprenør workers profited from the practical drop-head-beam-panel method for early stripping. Once the concrete had set, the primary beams and panels were easily lowered by 19 cm with just a few blows with a hammer, allowing stripping to be completed comfortably. Due to the high-quality cured powder-coated finish, the well-thought-out design and the durable alkus all-plastic facings with smooth surfaces fitted as standard, MevaDec offers convincingly low concrete adhesion. This also allowed the panels to be cleaned very quickly. The workers then loaded the formwork panels into MEVA transport angles – comfortably stacked for safe logistics and ready for the next application.