StarTec XT sails through stress test

Fast, straightforward application to energise residential contracts

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Detached house, Cadolzburg, Germany
  • Contractor
    • ULLI-Bau, Lichtenau, Germany
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Munich office, Germany

The MEVA combination tie hole offers proven credentials

The MEVA combination tie hole offers proven credentials: the free choice of three tying methods in a single system simplifies and speeds up formwork operations. This already pays multiple dividends for users of the Mammut XT wall formwork system on large-scale applications. StarTec XT now guarantees the same practical benefits for residential and commercial schemes.

Boasting a reputation for on-time, trouble-free, single-source project delivery, Franconian contractor ULLI-Bau believes in cultivating long-term collaborations with selected partners. To ensure full compliance with quality standards, ULLI-Bau occasionally puts formwork systems through their paces. After visiting MEVA's Technikum centre in Haiterbach, Managing Director Ernst Muser jun. and his site managers and forepersons were keen to scrutinise the new StarTec XT under rigorous site conditions in what turned out to be a veritable stress test.

"To see what StarTec XT can endure"
108 m² of StarTec XT panels were used to build the basement level of a detached house near Cadolzburg west of Nuremberg. The formwork planning was undertaken by MEVA, with concreting performed in two cycles. ULLI-Bau deliberately refrained from deploying those operatives with the greatest experience and a long familiarity with MEVA products. This was because the reality on site often necessitates collaboration between operatives with varying degrees of experience. Nor was the intention to be gentle with the formwork panels and accessories, which had to prove speed and efficiency under tough conditions.

"We wanted to see what StarTec XT can endure and how easy it is to use," reported ULLI-Bau Managing Director Ernst Muser. This is where the system's simple handling paid off – through features such as the smart multi-function profile comprising a closed steel profile with welded-in DW 15 nuts for the quick and secure attachment of accessories. As Ernst Muser puts it, "The results were outstanding: excellent handling, very speedy formwork assembly and a flawless concrete finish."

Yet, the workers had a further trial in store for the new MEVA StarTec XT: instead of being stripped after one to two days, as normal, the formwork was left in place over the weekend for three to four days. Here, the site team wanted to test how easy it would then be to remove the taper tie for fast, single-sided tying without plastic tube. It turned out to be no problem. Ernst Muser is also impressed by the range of panel sizes – with heights of 330, 270 and 135 cm, and eight widths between 270 and 30 cm – and the symmetrical tie hole and joint pattern resulting from the internal tie positions.

Efficient material use
His long-established company, based in the small, south German town of Lichtenau, also profits from StarTec XT's compatibility with the time-tested StarTec and AluStar systems. The combinability of all panels allows particularly rational use of its material stock.

For ULLI-Bau, it comes as no surprise that StarTec XT is fitted, as standard, with the alkus all-plastic facing: after working with it for nearly 20 years, the company is convinced of its merits as a durable, repairable and easy-to-clean form face that delivers high concrete quality even after many applications. Over time, Ernst Muser has also recognised that that the fully closed, hot-dip galvanised panel profiles are more robust, for example, than powder-coated sections.

Combination tie hole impresses
The multi-purpose formwork with the integrated MEVA combination tie hole triumphantly passed one further test that was anything but routine. The contract team's initial doubts about whether the basement walls of the house, which is located in a flood zone, would exhibit the necessary watertightness were soon dispelled – thanks to the impeccable performance of MEVA's special XT waterproofing inserts.

"Even when on display at the MEVA Technikum centre, the rotating combination tie hole in the StarTec XT exerted a certain fascination," Ernst Muser sums up.  "Then, on site, the easy handling was truly impressive." The sum total of MEVA StarTec XT's features left only one conclusion: "Time to switch! It's as simple as that."

After passing the stress test with flying colours, ULLI-Bau decided to place a further order for StarTec XT formwork.