The future of elevator technology

The new Thyssen-Krupp test tower in Rottweil in south western Germany will be the home of innovative elevator technology. Additionaly the tower includes Germany's highest public viewing platform at 232 m. Meva Mammut 350 and Radius formwork managed the high requirements for the architectural concrete surface finish with a special tie-hole an joint pattern with remarkable results.

Data & Facts

  • Project 

    246 m elevator test tower

  • Owner 

    Thyssen-Krupp Elevator AG, Essen

  • Contractor 

    Ed. Züblin AG, Direktion Stuttgart

  • MEVA Systems 

    Climbing platform KLK 230, Foldable working platform KAB 190, Wall formwork Mammut 350, Circular formwork Radius, Shoring tower MEP, MEVA shaft platforms, Slab formwork MevaDec, Slab formwork MevaFlex

  • Engineering 

    MEVA Formwork Systems, Haiterbach, Germany

Circular formwork Radius in use on the test tower in Rottweil.

246 m Thyssen-Krupp test tower: home of innovative elevator technology at 246 m height

The Thyssen-Krupp elevator test tower turns the town of Rottweil in south western Germany into the capital of elevator technology. Lifts can be tested here at a breathtaking speed of 18 m/s and the innovative magnetic levitation technology undergoes real-life tests. Measuring 246 m in height and 21 m in diameter, the tower is a landmark in Europe and will be in the record books with Germany’s highest public viewing platform at 232 m. 

The tower’s outer ring wall is being climbed using slip forms, MEVA’s foldable working platform KAB 190 is employed to provide safe working conditions at great height, while KLK 230 climbing scaffolds provide safe access to the completed power sections. The slabs on the inside rely on both the MevaDec and MevaFlex slab systems, supported by the shoring system MEP. The insides of the elevator shafts are poured using MEVA shaft platforms. 

On the buttress walls, the architects stipulated an architectural concrete concrete surface finish with a special tie-hole and joint pattern. To meet these requirements, Mammut 350 wall panels with their standard all-plastic facing are specially prepared. This plus the circular formwork Radius with its coated steel facing achieved a remarkable result. We shall be reporting with more technical details.

The MEVA wall formwork Mammut350 with exposed concrete wall.
Almost finished tower with a MEVA banner in the foreground and a blue sky in the background.
A small view through slats from the test tower.