Top quality with used formwork

Regenerated MevaDec panels put in dazzling performance on office development

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Westend-Carree office complex, Paderborn, Germany
  • Contractor
    • ck-Wohnungsbau GmbH, Paderborn, Germany
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Rhine/Ruhr office
    • Agent: MOOG Baumaschinen + Geräte GmbH, Paderborn, Germany

Attractive prices and custom warranty

The Westend-Carree currently under construction in Paderborn is an attractive office development. To cast the slabs, housing contractor ck-Wohnungsbau GmbH opted to deploy high-quality, factory-regenerated used panels from the tried-and-tested MevaDec formwork range.

The client's requirements were clear-cut: the formwork system used was to be lightweight, easy to handle and crane-independent while allowing flexible switching of the primary beam direction. To meet these demands, MOOG Baumaschinen + Geräte GmbH supplied ck-Wohnungsbau with 712 m² of the easily manageable MevaDec system. What was special about the product was the fact that it originated from MEVA's used formwork range after being regenerated from the rental fleet.

Easy handling without craneage
The works spanned five storeys with wall heights between 2.75 and 3.30 m and a total concrete slab area of around 18,000 m². MevaDec's specific merits were duly exploited to speed up operations. As the formwork is not constrained by a fixed grid, it can be flexibly adapted to any layout and slab thickness, with panels that can be readily inserted from above and below. Moreover, the system-predefined prop grid simplifies assembly and rationalises on-site inventory while the minimisation of filler areas further reduces set-up time. Use of the drop-head-beam-panel method paid huge dividends in that it allowed efficient early stripping with a single hammer blow. While the props continue to support the cast slab, the formwork panels can be swiftly removed and cleaned for reuse, thereby streamlining site logistics and inventory management.

Thanks to its ease of handling and low panel weights, the smart formwork system made a major contribution to freeing up crane time and ensuring on-time completion of the structural works. The feedback from ck-Wohnungsbau to contract partner MOOG and MEVA's regional manager was very positive: "The MevaDec panels from MEVA's used formwork range certainly proved their credentials on this site. We're very satisfied."

Attractive prices and custom warranty
The panel frames and form faces of MEVA's used formwork are closely scrutinised at the factory prior to undergoing high-grade regeneration and full testing to ensure their future fitness for use. The formwork is then put on sale at attractive prices with a custom warranty. A repair service is provided for the durable, nailable alkus all-plastic facings, which are fitted as standard and whose smooth, robust surface guarantees a high-quality concrete finish, even after heavy use. MEVA panels can thus offer many additional years of outstanding performance under rigorous site conditions.

This was illustrated by the Westend-Carree project in East Westphalia, where ck-Wohnungsbau benefited from both top-class concrete quality and rapid work progress. Also specified on this contract was the equally lightweight, easy to handle and crane-independent AluStar wall formwork. The overall results met with unqualified satisfaction.