Triumphant premiere in Cyprus

Outstanding job done by MevaDec and StarTec on an office building project

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Office building, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Contractor
    • Trapezaris Construction Group, Cyprus
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Formwork Systems Ltd, Tamworth, UK

The Managing Director is convinced of the result and the service

In Limassol, Cyprus's second largest city, the shell for a six-storey office block has been completed. The project on the Mediterranean island saw the contractor deploy MEVA's formwork systems for the first time. The Managing Director is convinced of the result and the service.

With a population of 235,000, the pulsating city of Limassol lies on the island's south coast. Here, inner-city construction work calls for shrewd site logistics planning and the intelligent use of formwork materials. Indeed, this particular project offered extremely limited storage space together with heavily restricted access and involved development of almost the entire site area. The most striking feature of the scheme, which is being built by Trapezaris Construction Group Company, is its convex long elevations. Following its inauguration, an expansive, 6 m tall atrium will welcome visitors.

Formtec Ltd., which supplies the Cypriot construction industry with safe, flexible formwork systems for rent or purchase, provided a range of MEVA systems: the MevaDec und MevaFlex slab formwork systems, the StarTec wall formwork system, EuMax props as well as MT 60 and modular MEP shoring towers.

StarTec masters every challenge
All internal and external walls, stairwells, lift shafts and columns were cast using the StarTec wall formwork system, mainly with 270/90 cm panels. Due to its universal application and straightforward handling, the system is established as a popular choice for residential and commercial developments. To form larger wall areas, the workers used brackets and alignment rails in conjunction with MEVA flange screws and assembly locks to fit together several panels to the required size before craning the assemblies into the required position. Boasting a fresh-concrete load capacity of 60 kN/m², StarTec was able to master every challenge. Box outs were incorporated using solutions from MEVA's FormSet range. To build the two below-ground levels, the contractor opted for the robust, though no less compact STB 300 support frames to erect the single-sided formwork needed for casting against the pit perimeter.

Rapid progress on site with MevaDec
When it came to concreting the six floor slabs, each with an area of 270 m², the new MevaDec generation impressed not only by its low weight: the system is not constrained by any fixed grid and can be flexibly adapted to any layout and slab thickness. The workers used 160/80 cm panels. These weigh in at only 16 kg/m² while catering for virtually all requirements. The smooth surface of the alkus all-plastic facing allowed flawless surfaces to be cast.

Handling of the MevaDec panels is further simplified by the ergonomic grip profile. The system provides for panel installation from above and below while simultaneously accommodating three slab-forming methods: the panel method, the primary-and-
secondary beam method, and the drop-head-beam-panel method. The latter is based on only three components: panels, primary beams and props with drop heads. In Limassol, the MevaDec drop head technology – which enables the primary beams and panels to be lowered by 19 cm by hammer blow – paved the way for early stripping. Other time-saving features that benefited the contractor included the closed aluminium profile with high-grade powder-coated finish and the alkus facings, which reduce concrete adhesion and facilitate cleaning.

In the words of Andreas Trapezaris, CEO of Trapezaris Construction Company, "Using MEVA as our preferred supplier was the right choice for us. We found a partner that showed interest from the early stages of our project, proposed innovating formwork solutions and provided training to our personnel for achieving the best possible results in using MEVA systems. During the tender and construction stage, we were impressed with MEVA’s attention to detail and engagement in providing smart and safe solutions that would benefit the project as a whole. The collaboration for this project enabled us in using formwork material systems in Cyprus that were quite new to the market. The professional relationship we found within MEVA gave us the trust and assurance that using these formwork systems, we will achieve our deadlines and deliver the required results."