Wall formwork AluFix – Simply formed by hand

AluFix enables rapid construction progress during crane-independent house ­construction

Data & Facts

  • Project
    • Holiday home in Bamberg, Germany
  • Contractor
    • Korczynski-Bau GmbH & Co. KG
  • MEVA systems
  • Engineering and support
    • MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Munich office, Germany

AluFix – Simply formed by hand

The construction of a holiday home in the ­German town of Bamberg illustrates why ­MEVA’s simple and economical AluFix ­formwork system is such a huge success on small construction sites.

Building a house can be so easy – even without the help of a crane or lifting equipment. This was the situation at the building site in Franconian ­Bamberg, which was inaccessible for heavy equipment due its location on the slope of a hill and the closely spaced surrounding buildings. It was thus necessary to erect the house using in-situ concrete without a crane or other lifting gear. The formwork for the concrete building shell was erected by the workers from Korczynski-Bau.

The young construction company relied on MEVA’s lightweight, modular AluFix wall formwork system for the first time. Formwork panels with a total area of 228 m2 were required for this building shell. Korczynski-Bau obtained the material via the local MEVA partner Karl GmbH.

Lightweight and economical
Robert Korczynski, the construction company’s managing director, is convinced by the all-round talent AluFix: “The simple handling made the work on the construction site a lot easier. We remained on schedule at all times.” Korczynski-Bau is a prime example of a next-generation construction company. “We don’t want to reinvent the wheel with regard to the formwork, but rather rely on innovative, tried-and-tested and easy-to-handle systems such as AluFix,” explains Robert Korczynski.

The lightweight hand-set formwork offers a high degree of flexibility with regard to wall and slab sizes. There is a choice of six panel heights and six panel widths. A further advantage is the low weight of the formwork panels. On the construction site in Bamberg panels with a height of 270 cm were used. With a width of 90 cm they weigh only 44.4 kg, making them easy to handle. Thus, the workmen literally had an easy job of it when erecting the formwork and the house construction proceeded accordingly: without a hitch and on time.